A Perversion of the Gospel?

Quick Note: An interesting link to an article was sent to me with a message that asked me for my thoughts about it. They knew I would have something to say about it, so here it is. I apologize for its length, but I had to say what I felt should be said. You can add your own two cents, but this is at no charge.

I know some of the friends of friends who may see this may choose to get upset, but I personally for once don’t care because Glenn Beck is an idiot. Now this is not really news, but let me tell you why before those who choose to get upset start emailing and commenting on what I’ve said to see if you really want to align yourself up with Glenn Beck of the other individuals I mention.

Glenn Beck said either out of pure ignorance of the gospel or deliberately in the perverted version of it he has been taught to be true is that “Social Justice was a Perversion of the Gospel.”

Now you should always be leery when Glenn Beck is quoting anything, but this is the problem that has corrupted politics and the church long before Glenn Beck, today and unfortunately long after this fool is gone for good. It’s the reason why I’m writing “Stop God Damning People”, because that’s what so many are doing these days and have done yesterday and sure will continue doing tomorrow.

Glenn Beck has been urging those who listen to his radio show to leave churches that use the words “social justice”. How he associated social justice and economic justice to communism and Nazism is beyond me, but this is Glenn Beck we’re talking about. So the ridiculous is logic.

The absurdity of it all would be laughable if he wasn’t serious. The implications of his absurdity and absolute ignorance would not be a factor if it wasn’t for the silence of his employer FOX News. This is not even political, so those who are prone to disagree with me for political reasons can’t accuse me of being partisan, because this is not about politics. This is not even about race, so those who are prone to argue with me on grounds of something you don’t truly understand must leave that at the door as well.

This is essentially what is wrong with politics, religion and race relations; people misleading others, a strong history of mistrust, apprehension to conversation and the perversion of truth.

When you consider that the Catholic Church and our predominately racially segregated churches that includes Mainline Protestant Churches, Conservative-leaning Evangelical Churches, Black Pentecostal Churches and many others ALL consider social justice central to Biblical faith you must have the courage to ask the real question, “What is he really promoting?”

Regardless of your political ideology, those who claim to be Christian, Catholic and others beliefs that I have not the time to list generally agree with the biblical teachings and examples that span from Moses to Jesus Christ himself. Social justice is an integral part of humanity.

Unless you are condoning inhumane acts such as slavery, torture and hatred towards others to name a few then how can you possibly agree with Glenn Beck?

I can put aside my disagreement with him long enough to objectively consider what he’s advocating and what he’s advocating is what he’s suggesting to naïve Christians, that social justice is a perversion of the gospel. He’s doing what he’s saying.

This fool said that if his church were about social justice he would report the church to the Church Authorities.

Now this brings up some questions you should ask yourself. The first being, what church does Glenn Beck attend and what in Hell are they teaching?

(Note the keyword in that question, because that’s the answer to the question)

The second being, what church authorities? If the church as a whole paid more attention to its authority, Jesus Christ and what he instructed us to do, then we wouldn’t have a fraction of the issues, division, cultural and spiritual mayhem we have today.

Social Justice is a perversion of the gospel?

If we were to continue down this path of McCarthy-style Spirituality that Glenn Beck is proposing, then who all would we have to turn it to the so-called ‘church authorities’ he speaks of?

I would have to say Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have to be among those who would considered guilty and posthumously convicted, because what better drum major for justice in our recent memory can you consider. Rabbi Abraham J. Herschel would absolutely be in that line-up. Rev. James Reeb would be considered guilty as charged.

These men were all of different faiths with the same objective, social justice. But let me move on before the verbal stones are tossed. Oh, this one should hit home for those who may not know the history of social justice well enough to have recognize the previously mentioned.

You would have to sentence Billy Graham and Oral Roberts for their roles in promoting social justice as well. The so-called “Church Authorities” that Glenn Beck interestingly speaks about would have to pick up T.D. Jakes and Dr. Frederick K.C. Price for being accessories to the imaginary spiritual crime of social justice according to Glenn Beck.

Let me not forget the women who would have to be hauled in front of the so-called “Church Authorities” that Glenn Beck refers to because Bishop Vashti McKenzie & Pastor Paula White are just two who must be charged in the crime of social justice.

I taunt him because it’s ridiculous. None of these people, regardless of their political ideology or racial or spiritual composition are guilty of anything Glenn Beck is advocating, but I can think of some who are.

There was another group of people in history who was prone to a similar mindset that we see in Glenn Beck today against someone who they said was “perverting the gospel“. They eventually unjustly convicted him to death, even as the governor of the day expressed his doubts the people were so stirred up by those who mislead them and those who remained silent that this man was killed for his works for social justice. But I’m not here to verbally crucify Glenn Beck for his lack of understanding, because he knows not what he does. But to warn those who listen to him or made aware of him of the hypocrisy and perversion of the gospel he’s advocating.

The point of it all is that you must recognize perversion when you see it. You want know it is perversion if you don’t study to show yourself approved. I’m not a Bible Scholar by any stretch of the imagination. I have upset the saints with challenging questions in the past and surely will do so again in the future. But my intentions are never to pervert, but perfect a person’s practice of faith. My willingness to openly accept someone who may not believe in God or the same spiritual belief as I do does not pervert my relationship with Christ. It is the teachings and examples of Christ and his campaign for social justice that interests me to seek a relationship and a more acute knowledge of him.

Glenn Beck is a fool. But the bigger fool are those who believe what he says is true or worthy of practice.

Stop God damning people with lies about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Quit God damning people by feeding them a distorted self-serving doctrine of the Bible that advocates one leaving a church that doesn’t teach what you believe it should teach. Stop God damning people in the practice of perverting the gospel with a faulty ideology for your own gains. Just stop God damning people.


7 thoughts on “A Perversion of the Gospel?

  1. Wow, I knew Beck was one seriously fuckered up individual, but he now seems to have succeeded in fully brainwashing not only the idiots who listen to him, but himself as well.

    Don’t get me wrong, I think the guy and his worshipers should be loaded onto a bus and driven over a cliff. So I definitely don’t care what he thinks or says either. But this is interesting.

    Jesus of Nazareth IS social justice. Every last lesson He provided us with is about some sort of social justice. We were taught never to think ourselves better in God’s eyes than our fellow man. That should cover racism, classism, general mutual respect….
    The Second Commandment (New Testament) is the Golden Rule. That which we would not have others do to us, do not to them. The story of Lazarus, the healing of the infirm, the widows, the children, feeding the hungry, humility, forgiveness…..

    This is all “social justice”.

    Glenn Beck is a worm. A twisted, depraved, putrid mass of rotting flesh.
    I don’t consider myself a very good Christian, but with the likes of Beck and his sheeple around, I think my chances are better than average.
    Righteousness exceeding? LOL! Glenn Beck makes the Pharisees look like the Cub Scouts.

  2. Thanx, Larry.

    No one says he doesn’t know how to do his job. He’s a vile humanoid, that’s the fact of the matter as your link agrees.
    One of the primary characteristics of the “vile” is the ability to place financial success before things like truth, decency, people, peace, God etc. in importance.
    Such are the ilk of Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck, Rush, Malkin, Coulter….on and on and on. They may not even believe the shit they spew, which would make them even more vile.

    I’m a small businessman. I make money too. But I need not decieve or promote racial hatred, blaspheme, or turn my back on my country to do it.
    If that’s what it takes to be rich and famous then it’s the last thing I want to be.

    Regards, sir.

  3. Let’s not forget that there’s no racism found in the Republican Party and Tea Party people, except for…


    I still can not get one Conservative/Republican to answer my question for why I should ever be a Republican when this is all I hear and see from them. You would be surprised at the vast vacuum of those who has never heard of John Lewis, the lawmaker that was called a Nigger. This is why I’ve said before that the greatest offense is when you know your history and theirs.

  4. Heh, 😀

    You think the Tea Party was mad before last night? I can hear their empty heads exploding across the country today. Imagine, all that yelling and screaming and making fools of themselves only to FAIL miserably to prevent the people from having more affordable health care.
    It must be incredibly frustrating.

    Cool. 🙂 I’m laughing.

    Should we call them T’iggers from now on?

    1. I’m going to re-post something I did two weeks ago and made updates to, because it’s more relevant when you consider the overt racism shouted by Tea Party so-called ‘patriots’ towards John Lewis and a few other Black members of Congress in addition to calling Barney Frank a F*ggot and another Latino congressman a racially derogatory name.

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