Racial Discrimination Inherited in Tea Party (Re-Post)

Before I even begin this I have to say Thank You to Keith Olbermann for using his forum to say this. I know that there will be Republicans, Conservatives & Tea Party folks who will only see the name or read the title without listening completely and dismiss or deny what is being said. But I’ve been saying this since September 2008 on here with example after example. I’ve taken my own advice and honestly tried to consider the concerns and perspective of all of the people who associate with the GOP in one way or the other. I’ve repeatedly written that there are some good people in the party, but I have also repeatedly challenge you to address one issue. Each time I repeatedly have no Republican, no Conservative, no Tea Party supporter honest or open-minded enough to sincerely consider the challenge.

All I ask of you to do is to JUST LISTEN.

I have warned several times to Republicans to do something about the cancer that is killing the party and the response is silence. I know the post is being read, because the numbers spike each time I’ve asked these questions far beyond any other topic. So I have only one other group within the Republican Party to address, but I believe they to will continue to remain silent. I may be a Democrat, I may be Black, but I am first an American. I’ve taken so much crap from and tried to explain it to you in such a way that all can understand that now I give up on you and can only ask people to pray. But I can’t ask that either, because the venom has gone beyond just politics and back into the pews of the church. I know it’s not all churches, synagogues, temples or mosques. I personally know it’s not all White Conservatives, but you’ve got to address this issue, because it is going to kill the Republican Party.

So I THANK YOU Keith Olbermann. Yes he is a Democrat, but he is one of the few if not the only  White Man who has the forum to speak exactly about this issue. I don’t know if those of you who are Republicans, Conservatives or support the Tea Party activities are of the mindset to truly comprehend what is being said by Keith and others and has been said by myself on here, but I pray that you do.

UPDATE: 03/11/2010

Perhaps some of my critics may be kind enough to respond to this GOP presentation accidently left behind after a GOP Finance Meeting in  FL a few days ago.  I’ll wait for your response.
I’ll make it easier and give you the link to the presentation, now in PDF for the web. Enjoy 🙂
How about this article from Tampa Bay, FL http://blogs.tampabay.com/buzz/2010/03/jim-demint-on-the-rnc-fundraising-memo-and-jeb-bush-for-prez.html
Perhaps you use AOL, maybe this one may be easier to understand. It’s difficult to believe that the GOP would use Fear of a Black man to stir up votes. Say it ain’t so Joe. http://www.aolnews.com/the-point/article/fundraising-memo-reveals-gop-plan-to-exploit-fear-of-obama/19383182
UPDATE: 03/22/2010
For those who continue to not understand or take all of the warnings seriously, perhaps this one is more overt for you.
Examiner – 03/21/2010 “Tea Party protesters shout Nigger and spit on lawmaker”
Now one may wonder who could these so-called patriots dare do this to? Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). The same John Lewis who was beaten first on Bloody Sunday (03/07/65), the same John Lewis who is the only living speaker who was on the roster to speak  on 08/28/63 in Washington DC (March on Washington. I know most of the people who are apart of the Tea Party don’t know or care about history, so I’ll give you a hint. It’s the same day Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered “I Have a Dream”. I’m sure that’s all most will know about it.) But it’s not about race, right.

This is what I’ve been talking about for more than two years. It’s not all Republicans, but if Republicans who do understand what’s going on within their party don’t speak up and speak against the people with a hateful agenda who is taking over your party then they will destroy it. You don’t need me to tell you that, but it appears that some do. We may disagree on issues of policy or political method, but hate is our common enemy. What do you think there’s so few people of any color except for White in the GOP? All of them are not suddenly Democrats. It’s the hate that they see and the racism both unconscious and overt that essentially places a sign outside the door saying “For Whites Only”. Yes, I’m speaking figuratively, but those who are aware get the point. These are not ‘isolated incident’ or ‘people getting stupid’. This is a pattern of hate, discrimination and isolation that has become the New Republican Party. I’m not so partisan that I want to see you destroyed by hate. We, Republicans & Democrats have a love/hate relationship, but for me I love you a percent more than I hate you. Do something about this problem within the GOP or you will soon see the end of its relevancy in modern politics.

17 thoughts on “Racial Discrimination Inherited in Tea Party (Re-Post)

  1. OK, so Olbermann starts off with some painful-for-many but rational points and then twists them into – yet another – race-baiting, “their all bigots,” rant against the Tea Party? So? It’s what Americans have come to expect of him.

    Guess what, the Tea Partyers by and large don’t care what race Obama is; they just hate his policies and the policies of Congress (Present or Recent Past).

    But go ahead and claim otherwise. It’s easier and it makes it about oppression, which is such a great way of never having to take blame for anything.

    1. Sadly, I’m too surprised you would take the side of the Tea Party folks. I could take the time to explain it, but what’s the use. You simply just don’t get it and I’m afraid your mind is far too closed to ever get what’s going on. But at least you read it, so you can’t say you wasn’t warned. Thanks for at least reading. Good Luck 🙂

    2. I did forget to add one thing to my previous comments that I’ve mentioned before in other posts people who has unfortunately aligned themselves with your line of ‘thought’. The question that Keith Olbermann, myself and even the few good Republicans remaining asked included the late Jack Kemp is still not answered. Why is it that all you see is White faces at these events? Who are you really associating yourself with?

      I know unconscious racist normally believe it’s not about race. It’s never about race when you don’t understand history, culturally unaware or just dishonest. When you refuse or can not see the other person as an equal then what is that? I’ve been saying this for awhile, Keith Olbermann just has a much broader forum to distribute the same message.

      History will be your teacher and when the time comes where you are forced to see your errors, then you will realize what you were doing. Just like you see former segregationist trying to make up for the evil they participated in, so will there be those who participate in the Republican Tea Party today. I’m just not sure how forgiving others may be of you.

      I’ve personally am not affected by persons like yourself that choose such an ideology, because I can see beyond the fear and try to teach you something. What’s sad is that many persons such as yourself have absolutely closed your mind to learning about what and who you have chosen to misunderstand. So this is why I’ve said Good Luck to you, because life’s journey is going to be even more difficult for you as long as you continue on the path you’re on.

      This goes for those who disagree with you too, because they must accept the reality that some people choose darkness of light.

      Good Luck, Be Safe 🙂

  2. The only fear I see in the Tea Party is the fear of the effects of an over-sized and over-powered federal government

    As for why Blacks make up only 2% of the Tea Party supporters, there are a host of possibilities for that.

    1 – Blacks, by and large, do not favor a small government ideology

    2 – The Tea Party is a largely rural and suburban phenomenon whereas Blacks are more congregated in urban environments

    3 – The Tea Party is largely made of of middle and upper-middle income people and Blacks are under-represented in those economic strata.

    4 – The Tea Party is still essentially quasi-Republican in nature and few Blacks are Republicans

    5 – Obama garnered 95%+ of the Black vote and had the largest turnout of Black voters in history (10 million). Few were going to suddenly turn that far against him that soon.

    But you’re too close minded to see beyond race. It’s sad to see an otherwise bright individual so blinded by the racism and resentment they were taught as a child.

    But hey, I’m White and not guilt-ridden by the sins of other people’s ancestors. You don’t really have any reason to listen to me do you?

  3. Tim, nice name…..

    This is my first time reading your post. It truly bothers me that you have these feelings about conservatives. I sometimes feel the exact same way with liberals…. I guarantee I will listen to you. I’m not really sure you had to much of a message here in this post. You thanked Olby for what he said… I used to watch Olby every night but now I have to work so I DVR him and watch as much as I can.

    You think the Tea Party is racist and that its killing the Republican party? I can’t say that I follow the tea party all that much. When it started last April 15th (tax day), I thought it was pretty relevant. Taxed Enough Already is something a majority of Americans can agree upon. However, since then I haven’t followed them at all. Can we agree that there original cause is a noble one? What it has turned into I don’t know but I know its founding ideas were pretty realistic.

    Anyway, please let me know what you real problem is and what conservatives should be doing.

    1. Well hello Tim. I just can’t call another man Timmy for some reason. 🙂

      Since it’s your first time visiting my blog I can understand how you would ask this question. Those who has read this blog for awhile knows I have repeatedly spelled out the reasons with proof for a few years now. So to offer a one line summary I will repeat something I’ve said previous posts. It’s not the person, but what they don’t realize that they’re doing. There are some Republicans who get it and see it and has warned the party, but they’re typically ran out of the party and called a traitor. There’s nothing wrong with being conservative as there is nothing wrong with being liberal.

      Now you can not deny the obvious issues the GOP has connecting with anyone who isn’t a White Male. I’m not a White Male, but many of the ones I know who are Republican can not give reason why the GOP does the things it does in terms of relating to non-whites. I can give so many instances of this and have written about some of them and why it will continue to plague the GOP until they do something about it. The problem is that many refuse to listen and/or dismiss that there’s even a problem, because they as a Republican don’t see it. Yes, I know there are some good Republicans, but they get overshadowed by Tea Party folks.

      I’m trying to remember how I summarized this to a Tea Party support before who believed it wasn’t racist and I had to systematically go through multiple instances of where they just didn’t understand racial history well enough to point it out. I know this is your first visit and I’m glad you’ve visit and comment. The majority of those who are conservative believe racism, discrimination and bias is no more since one person was accepted. My experiences with Republicans have primarily been on the receiving in of them telling me that racism is a thing of the pass and why can’t I be more like them. There’s so much I have to teach not only conservatives, but liberals too about understanding race, bias and discrimination.

      Listen Tim, I do appreciate you commenting. I think you came in on the tale end of my long discussion about race & politics. When or if you have the time just take a look through this blog back to 2008 if you like, but I would suggestion last year. It’s a lot and do not expect you to read it all. But the GOP has a serious problem with race as do the Democrats to a lesser degree today, but they’re not excluded from this issue. The church is also has a footprint into this mess too. I respectfully disagree with you on the Tea Party although it may have started one way other elements have entered. I end saying once again that it’s not absolutely Republicans I have the issue with although there are some. It’s what the good ones have allowed to entered into their party or the fact the good ones are silence by their party for saying anything. I can and have pointed the issues out over time on here about the racial dimensions and now moving towards more formal approaches in addressing the issue so that it can be solved.

      I talk about many other issues and I’m sure we could be friends and find agreement in various areas. Just as I don’t think all Republicans are evil or even racist, I am assured that you can do the same since you were kind enough to respond respectfully to this post. So thanks. I think it’s the name Tim that makes us more reasonable 😀

  4. Blacks are a minority population (12%) who: tend to vote for politicians that are not favored by the Tea Party supporters (80%+); are largely not within the same economic strata (68%) of the Tea Party supporters; and who do not live in the same sorts of areas(58%) of America as the Tea Party supporters.

    Yet Opinion Research’s recent poll for CNN showed that 2% of the Tea Party supporters are Black.

    But sure, not seeing many Black faces at a Tea Party rally is all about race and Whites’ supposed racism. uh huh…Sure it is.

    But, since I believe you deleted my last rebuttal, I figure you’ll do the same to this one as well.

    Enjoy that racism and resentment because, as long as you harbor it, it’s all you’re ever going to have. 😉

    1. Thank you for that. I know that it’s useless trying to teach someone who believe they’re not wrong so I won’t continue trying. One point that I will give that I’m sure you may not understand since it’s more of a cultural statement, but you reminded me of a line from a Public Enemy song “Welcome To The Terrordome” that is so true. It was something that even Malcolm X & Martin King said in addition to something I’ve written about periodically. “Every brother ain’t a brother cause of color”.

      I’m sorry that you haven’t followed this blog well enough to know how untrue your last statement truly is. I guarantee I could teach you more than you think you know about race and open your eye to how open-minded I am. Just because I am unafraid to point out the problem doesn’t mean I have resentment. If you only knew 🙂

      As I’ve said before, I thank you for at least doing what you do. I’m actually concluding my discussion on many of the issues on here for more formal approaches. Perhaps I will send you an invite to a lecture one day. I’m nicer than you think.

      Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I don’t expect you or those like yourself to instantly get it. The thing that is promising is that you are now beginning to think and research it. Yes you seek to prove your point with numbers, but I just hope you keep looking at those numbers and keep researching because eventually you’ll see it. Then just maybe you’ll get my point.

      BTW, I didn’t delete any of your comments. I actually approved both of your comments. Just as I did this one. Check again.

  5. @jonolan: I actually approved all of your comments. I didn’t delete anything. They appear to be duplicates. Let me see if WordPress is doing something to them, because I wouldn’t approve one and not the other.

    I know you have your bias against me and that’s fine. Other persons who believe Conservativism is the only way thought the same thing until they got to know me. So I’m use to it. I’m not as bad as you think I am.

    Although we disagree, I think you are as much as a victim of racism as others are. But are disagreement is not reason for me to delete your comments. That’s why Republicans do when they’re proven wrong on a blog 😀 Calm down, calm down I’m just teasing you.

    Seriously dude, I didnt’ delete your comments.

    The reason why is that you didn’t do what many other people who has called themselves conservative do, start out calling me N***** this and you people this and Hussein this, socialist that and saying I harbor some resentment towards White people. Well you did do that in a way, but I understand you were defending Republicanism from attack. That’s fine. I was warning, not attacking.

    For what it’s worth, thanks for the accusation because I wouldn’t know that there the comments wasn’t appearing if you didn’t. 🙂

  6. I did forget one thing in this post that I failed to consider. That is the realm of reality that believes Republicans have done and can do no wrong and are not accountable for the problems of the country. The numerous of accounts of racialized language if not intentional, unrealized is not evidence of unconscious racism or discrimination. And the presence of at least a few Blacks to a cause is all the evidence needed to counter the other actions many do not understand due to their under education in terms of their cultural awareness. How did I miss that?

    With that said I guess the uncomfortable feeling of confronting racism is not an issue with Republicans or their Tea Party friends, it doesn’t exist. It’s those evil Liberals. Please forgive me for bringing to the attention of history or even misunderstanding the signs of monkeys and other Jim Crow era references however subtle. The Republicans and Conservatives get the Good Person pass, because the facts of discrimination can’t be found in the GOP.

    Please forgive my oversight. I can only assume this is how many who I’ve pointed out as being culturally unaware must feel. Who wants to accept the responsibility for discrimination? It’s a normal instinct to believe you’re not racist, because you haven’t seen or experience it. I understand that more than you know.

    What remains unaddressed are the response to those who has been discriminated against, even by Republicans in addition to others beyond politics. Discounting, dismissing or labeling them only raises resentment and shuts down reconciliation. I’ve tried on many occasions to reach out to the staunches conservative to get them to see another perspective and to provide an answer to the accusations that are rightfully waged against Republicans. I’ve done the same with Republicans and is the reason why I have said repeatedly that I personally know all Republicans are not bad or evil. But this does not mean just because some aren’t bad, racist or bias it doesn’t mean those things doesn’t exist. The same is true when some suggest the presence of Blacks means the group isn’t racist.

    Now I won’t get into an in-depth conversation about social and cognitive psychology with emphasis on race and culture, because I’ve done enough of that throughout this blog.

    Some people can’t be taught and must simply have to learn for themselves. This is why I can say I appreciate those who do comment, even if they fail to understand the message in full. The seed is planted and experience and time is the water that will make it grow.

  7. Tim, I understand where you are coming from. Just reading one of your post and a couple of comments has made me into your loyal reader. It is extremely rare to find a liberal willing to listen without throwing around insults to prove a point. My friends and I have often mulled over the republican problem with minorities for a while. Your right there is a big problem… I would like to start off by stating that it isn’t entirely the republicans fault. Politics, persuasion, the susceptible, and the uninformed all have a role to play. But ultimately it is the republicans fault for not reaching out, being more careful, and laying out the plan to help minorities…. and help them understand why it helps them.

    I’m busy with school now but i will be back to check in on your posts. Please feel free to comment on our blog and let us know where we may be going astray.

    1. Hey Tim. Check the response given above. I decided to just respond to you and a long time and fellow blogger at the same time.

      Also, I really do get you and don’t place all of the blame on the GOP itself. But it has to do something about this because it’s threatening the party’s ability to connect. You’ll see a post Monday that I’m actually reposting that asks the question. I’ll check you out and email you soon.

  8. I usually don’t listen nor give what he says much thought, but he did have some thought-provoking posts. Nonetheless, and one thing for sure, the post has created dialogue!

    Three things for sure (to me):
    1) Some of the Tea Party folks are biggots
    2) … but not all of them.
    3) I give them as much relevance as I do to Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Oberman, and others …. very little.

    Good post.

    1. What’s up Frank.

      Frank I hope you don’t mind, but I’m responding to you and Tim. I believe you know me well enough to tell the difference in the direction of each response. I’ll email you soon.

      I’ve actually dramatically stopped listening to Keith Olbermann as well as many others. Although I often find agreement with his points and don’t have any personal issues with him. I see a bigger problem that is brewing and it’s not just Republicans, but Democrats too. You and a few others are some of the people who has helped me consider the ills of the DNC with the same judgment given to the RNC. The biggest issue I have with the GOP is the one I repeatedly keep pointing out. They have a great opportunity to make a tremendous gain in terms of diversity, but they want listen to someone who is telling them what they need to begin to do. The Democrats will continue to beat them over the head with this until they do.

      I already know that you know this Frank, but it seems that I always have at least one person who claims to be Republican or Conservative miss the point. The number of comments that I’ve had to block or delete all together because of the racially derogatory names used, but they say they’re not racist is what fuels the fire that has driven me to look further into not necessarily blaming the GOP itself, but pointing out a terrible problem it has that it’s not dealing with. It’s the same problem of sort that the Democrats had before the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s & 60’s. That’s the benchmark where you see the cultural & political shift. There’s still elements that remain in the DNC, because it surfaced in 2008 during the primaries with the Hillary campaign in opposition to not only Obama, but Richardson too.

      Let me hurry up and conclude. I honestly do not believe and have stated that not all Republicans/Conservatives are racist or bad. I can find agreement on various issues. I remember defending Republicans who were being attacked by my fellow Democrats for being racist when in fact they wasn’t. Believe me I would have pointed it out if they were. I’ve went after Democrats for racism, even Black Democrats (Bobby Rush) for even introducing race into the discussion in “Blagovejech’s Ace of Spades” back in Jan 09. There wasn’t even a reason for suspicion for it. I absolutely try to be fair. I can disagree on a point without being disagreeable. I’m probably more disappointed with Republicans than mad at them. They are being taken over by an element that isn’t really concerned about Republicanism, but they’re pretending to be Republicans. Many Republicans won’t listen to a Democrat who is honest enough to say, “hey I think there’s a problem you need to deal with”, and I understand because most Democrats are like Republicans and that we both have a mistrust for each other politically. But if no one is willing to say hey, I disagree but I see your point then the problems and mistrust just continue.

      I finally end 🙂 with this. I rather deal with the enemy I know than dealing with the one that threatens both of us.

      Tim, this is a subject that I’m passionate about therefore the long response 🙂 I’ll absolutely check your blog out. I do believe there are good Republicans. Now Dick Cheney isn’t one of them, but hey I’m a Democrat what do you expect me to say. 😀

  9. You know, I’m honestly disappointed with the Republican Party and many of those who has aligned themselves with the GOP who remain silent at what no one can deny without admitting they’re lying at the overt displays of racism, bigotry and hatred that has been directed towards Black, Latino & Gay Congressmen. You can not say you didn’t know about it, because I’ve been warning you for months about it, but you choose to ignore it because it isn’t happening to you.

    Now you have death threats and vandalism of a brother of a Congressmen. And this is the party you want to affiliate with? A party who has said nothing but it’s a few isolated incidents. GO TO HELL!


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