The Waterloo is on You

Before ANY Republican or Conservative begin to lash out at me, let me remind you that this not my words, but the words of REPUBLICAN and your boy George W. Bush’s speech writer David Frum.

So as many of you will do what is expected and seek to discredit anyone who disagrees or proves you wrong or reveals your tactics, even when it’s one of your own, I can only wonder what Napoleon was thinking at the battle of Waterloo.

Now I’ve said all there is to say to you, with endless warnings, questions and offers of consideration. Now I will let you be. Whether it is to be left alone and behind in terms of social progress or in educating yourself of the realities of your follies, I must let you be.

Don’t worry, because I’ll check on you from time to time to see how you’re doing, but you’ve made it clear that you choose regress over progress. I’m sure Democrats will slip up at some point and then you will have your opportunity. But considering all the bridges you’ve burned in terms of connecting with people of color, which is a growing minority set to becoming a majority in the United States shortly, I don’t know what else to really say to you except good luck.

Rep. McDermott reading a passage from the warning of George W. Bush’s speech writer, conservative and Republican, David Frum. Good Day.

One thought on “The Waterloo is on You

  1. Is David Frum going to be The Republicans Version of Former Clinton Advisor Dick Morris?
    Now that Frum has been fired by a conservative organization this is something that just might come back to bite them.

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