The Anti-Christian

In the image is a child protester from the Westboro Baptist Church. Now I honestly expected to hear more Republicans & Conservatives who typically just say no to anything regardless of what it is I have to say to be with me on this one.

Why is it that I can never get a single Republican & Conservative or those who claims to be such super Christian or a devotee of Americanism to speak out with passion and vigor against a group I’m calling the Anti-Christian?
This isn’t the first time this so-called church has done this. You can read what the sign says and this one was nice.

The only people I’ve found routinely speaking out against this sort of pseudo-Christian activity are Democrats, Progressives & Independents who are often criticized when they do so by the same silent group of so-called Christians. Come on my Republican & Conservative friends. You can’t be so wrapped up that you refuse to stand with me against this sort of intolerance, bigotry and disrespect.

Why speak silently in private on this when you can speak passionately in public? If you claim to be a Christian, follow Christ. Following Christ includes love. Love not just for those who are what you want them to be, but love for those who are what you say you couldn’t be.

I personally have heard those who have labeled themselves as Republican/Conservative speak about these things with me. Each time I encourage them to speak publicly. We may differ politically, but this is a policy we have to agree upon. So why are you silent? I know you’re out there Republicans. Come on, it’s not going to kill you to stand with me on this point. This can’t be what the Christian Right has become.

Some may get upset with me for my positions, but if you’re going to have a passion for Christ, then you must be passionate about Christ. Stop being a timid sheep hiding in the bushes, when you can be the fire that consumes what conceals the issue and expose it for what it is.

If you’re going to be a Christian, be one. This means you must seek to conduct yourself as He did, with love, with compassionate, with concern for your fellow man. Not this fake ass faux Christianity Westboro Baptist Church proclaims as gospel. You, those who agree with the Westboro Baptist Church are the cancer that is destroying the body of Christ. You, WBC are the people who continue to spiritually segregate and subjugate those who are under-educated and being left behind for a devilish gospel.

What in Hell has possessed you to… Hold Up. That’s the problem right there. HELL. Anti-Christian, speaking in favor of death, discrimination against homosexuals and all other groups not like yourself. This sounds like another character we know from the Bible.

Listen, you can disagree with me politically. But for those who claim to be a Christian should be more willing to get up from the privilege of silence and voyeurism and speak against this. Unless your silence and voyeurism is your acceptance of it.

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