Too Many Black People Calling Into C-SPAN

Note: I anticipate some who will oddly enough align themselves with this caller’s ideology and unfortunately further implicate the Republican Party to their [The Caller] method of reasoning. If people choose to not consider what they’re saying implicates them to what they’re trying to avoid saying or insinuating because its socially undesirable and stigmatizing, then what can you do about it. It’s sad, but depending on the setting you either have to ignore it as professionally as the host did or address their ignorance in a way that forces them to see themselves. More than likely they’re too comfortable with themselves to consider what you’re saying so it’s a decision that’s up to you. Ignorance doesn’t realize what it doesn’t know.

Here’s my questions for this caller and those who may agree with his method of thinking.

So is this guy suggesting that the Republican Party is only for Whites? Blacks, Hispanics, Asians & Jews need not apply?

Yes or No (If no, please explain why he would make such a statement that only allows you to assume that Blacks can only be Democrats. There are Black Republicans out there.)

2.) He makes a broad accusation that ‘every one of them thinks that Obama is Jesus Christ’, which is absurd and laughable. But this lends you to ask another question. So if this were true, wouldn’t this mean you have an absolute understanding of Black people to know that an entire race views a single man as a divine being?

3) This also allows one to ask whether Republicans (since he’s admitted he was Republican) or Whites (since he’s admitted he was White) see Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush as Jesus Christ, since no one can’t say anything bad about them as well?

Oh I doubt many will be honest enough to answer that one without invoking unconscious privilege into their response.

4.) Um… So George W. Bush didn’t lie about anything? You don’t have to answer this one.

Alex, I would like to answer this one. What is the War in Iraq?

Alex, I have another one. What is Weapons of Mass Destruction?

I’m sorry Alex, but I have yet another one. What is “Heck of a Job Brownie”?

That’s right, he never lied. He’s as sinless as… shall I say it… Jesus Christ.

5.) Why implicate the GOP any further with an issue they are so afraid to adequately address by suggesting that Republicans & Conservatives are going to go somewhere else? Seriously, dude have you seen the Chairman of the Republican Party? There are others like him out there.

Why not just say what you really want to say instead of hiding behind a sheet of socially acceptable language that still makes you look like what you are to cowardly to say publicly?

I know why, but I want to see if you have the testicular fortitude to say it.  🙂

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