It Ain’t My Fault received a large number of emails that Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino has sent to other individuals, some of them quite prominent in the Western New York business and political community from an anonymous source.

On Monday morning April 12th, they post a selection of shocking emails that Carl Paladino sent that includes:

  1. December 2008 email including a video of African tribesmen doing a traditional dance, entitled “Obama Inauguration Rehearsal
  2. January 6, 2009 email showing a video of Chimpanzees doing an Irish line dance entitled, “Proof the Irish discovered Africa“.
  3. January 20, 2010 email including a hardcore pornographic video purporting to show Miss France having sex.
  4. October 4, 2009 email showing President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama dressed as a 70s era pimp and prostitute in full blackploitation regalia.
  5. November 20, 2009 email showing a woman engaged in a sex act entitled, “xxLinda Lovelace’s grand daughterxx
  6. March 10, 2009 email entitled “Little Johnny” showing a naked woman, but sent to Mr. Paladino during work hours from City of Buffalo email addresses
  7. July 30, 2009 email entitled “Demotivated” which includes an image using a derogatory term for black people. (I wonder what they could have been?)
  8. September 8, 2009 email entitled, “Easy Steady Big Fella….XXXX” graphically depicting a horse having sexual intercourse with a woman.

WNY Media has confirmed the authenticity of these emails and are positive that Mr. Paladino forwarded them to others. Their newsworthiness has to do with the fact that Mr. Paladino is running to be governor of all New Yorkers – these emails degrade women and minorities. And there are more like them.

Now is that appropriate to forward to other people for someone who is running for Governor?

This is a simple question, but what does he resort to? The same type of response we’ve heard before. It’s the Democrats.

Seriously, what does the Democrats has to do with what you email?

Listen, you can hate whomever you please, you can be into whatever sexual perversion you please, but just be honest about it. I’ve been called all types of names by people who can never answer the questions asked. Instead they resort to name calling and deflecting blame because they are defenseless.

So I ask the question with emphasis to all of my Conservative and Republican friends with all due sincerity. If you believe these are isolated incidents, then explain why they continue to happen? Also, how is this appropriate behavior for anyone seeking a public office?

Keep in mind that how you respond is more revealing than you may realize, so just be honest and reveal only who you are.


3 thoughts on “It Ain’t My Fault

  1. This guy is a complete–“moron.” What a sad and pathetic individual he is. And this “clown” desires to be Governor of N.Y.?

  2. Heh, 🙂

    Well, there’s one they can’t blame on the South.

    What gets me is how these GOP trolls fail, time and time again, to realize that when they show their ass like this they are going to get nailed.
    It’s like they have some kind of political death wish. Which is fine! The deader the better.

    But I just can’t help being held in complete awe at the ignorance and perversion these beings are capable of.

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