How Far Would You Go?

I ran across this video while verifying a source for a book I’m writing favoring anti-racism & anti-discrimination and how to incorporate it into our everyday lives. Many people who we see protesting in politics today may not realize all that they’re doing is not rooting in politics. But this commercial made a very good point.

It sounds like it’s German or French, unsure, but it has English sub-text below. In the end the question is simple. How far would you go?

3 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go?

  1. I’ve generally have arrived at the point where I must do what the victims of this gentleman’s tirade of this commercial did and just let life happen, because in the end love wins.

  2. That vid jogs a memory….
    In jail, I asked one of the head Peckerwoods with the Nazi tattoos etc. a question he never answered.

    If your family was stranded in the desert and the only help that came was a black man, would you have them refuse the assistance?

    Two long years and I never got an answer.

    Let’s you know just how far people will go to pretend reality doesn’t exist.

    1. I remember one time I ran in a Kroger (Grocery Story Chain for those who may not know) that was along the way I was going. It was in a very wealthy neighborhood. I was going to buy some flowers for the wife of a man who once gave me $50.00 because he over heard me tell a friend that I didn’t have any money until I got paid next week, because I had to fix my car. The friend was his neighbor and the time was in the early 90’s. That friend emailed me to inform me that his neighbor died of a heart attack, because he knew I always would speak to him when I saw him each time I visited my friend. (BTW, I paid the man back.)

      Anyway, when I went into the store to buy some flowers I had this guy damn near jumped out of his skin and screamed like a girl when I came around the corner where the floral shop was. He actually fell to the ground. I wanted to laugh, but I smiled and was going to help him up and he actually scooted away while his wife told me to get away. I shook my head and left him there. I should have thanked him because the department mgr saw it and was apologizing and was trying to make sure I wasn’t mad or I think not sue. When she asked me who the flowers were for I told her and she gave me the flowers for free.

      The man who helped me who died was White. The man who screamed like a b—- and scooted away from me from helping him up was White. I’m Black. I honestly didn’t care that the man who helped me was White, I’m just glad he did. I would have done the same for someone else if he would have let me.

      Oh yeah, the guy who helped me was also an Atheist. We laughed when he learned that I was a Christian and a son of a minister. I didn’t care about his beliefs either. He was just a good person.

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