Dealing with Life

What are the things you would like in your life?

That is not as general as it may seem, because your life is multifaceted. So what are the things you would like in your financial life, work life, personal life, spiritual life, social life, etc?

We spend far too much time defending our position, than understanding where we are, what path to take and how best to get there.

If you are involved in a conversation or discussion with someone who seems to only be concerned with their position and being seen or perceived as right or are uncomfortable with your reply of No. Then ask yourself and/or them if you like these questions and observe their response.

Why are they/you so invested with being right?

Do you want to cling to a conservative stance of a position or would you rather experience the freedom of a more liberal position?

Side Note: The mention of conservative is not necessarily intended to be political in definition, but can refer to how one can approach politics.

Ironically, I’m taking a more liberal definition of the word conservative, because I’m not confining the term to a single point of understanding. Another way to consider this is to understand that liberal means you can be conservative, but conservative can only be conservative.

When you resist what is doesn’t mean you have not accepted or recognize it existence, but question why it exist. To be in denial means you have not accepted or recognize its existence or legitimacy based off of your own inconsideration.

We may not always solve our problems we face, but can always learn from them. To learn from a problem, issue or situation takes observance and consideration. Because in the end it isn’t what we did that will torment us, but what we didn’t even try to do that will condemn us.

Ask yourself the question, what was I born to do? Then evaluate whether you’re doing that or not. I’m not speaking only about your professional life, but your relationship with life itself.