Sitting Silently Before God

Too often we choose to move towards the noise of life in order to escape sitting silently before God.

Sitting silent before God is not praying, nor is it reading, but opening yourself to God.

In the busyness of our lives we often fail to take time to sit silently before God. We often go to God with our problems and not our praise. When we’re quiet enough to listen through our spirit we can hear the voice of God speaking loudly to us.

Those who seek God often seek to ask Him for something, whether it is a better understanding, patience, grace, forgiveness or deliverance instead of seeking what He has to tell us. When He instructs us to act we don’t listen, leaning more to our understanding of the world instead of the Word.

One of the greatest and I believe the most under valued attribute God has given to us is the gift of Choice or some may say Free Will. We have the choice to believe that he’s real or not, the choice to worship or not, the choice to walk by faith or by sight. The bottom line is essentially, the choice is yours.

But when the pulpit becomes an echo of the pew it loses its significance, its authority, its power. We all have a message to deliver. The pulpit represents our lives as Christians. The pew represents the way the world sees how we live it.

What is your message?

When you begin to sit silently before God, the significance of His word has authority and power in the pulpit of your personal and daily ministry.

We all our ministers whether we acknowledge or practice it or not. Some choose to be an echo in the pew of life, insecure of witnessing to what they know is true to the world for a more comfortable religion of conformity. Others choose to be the pulpit, sitting silently before God and allowing a relevant word live through their voice, through their gestures and actions.

Some will tell you how great your ministry is, but it’s not wise to strive to be a great preacher, but strive to be a vessel that shows what a great gospel it is.

We should all take the time to sit silently in the presence of God.



2 thoughts on “Sitting Silently Before God

  1. Sitting silently before God is easy for me. I don’t dare open my mouth in His presence.

    I don’t know if I have a message or not. I guess I just try to practice what I preach hope for the best. If someone sees that and approves, cool.
    But I’m really not the best Christian role model. Obviously.

  2. Tim .. brilliantly said. And as the Captain said, practice what one preaches is very important. .. and as you said, taking the time to do so is equally important.

    As you know, life has been hectic for me the past 7 months (thus the reason why I haven’t been visiting as much), so your message today was timely. I actually find time thinking about God when I’m alone in the car while listening to The Message, a contemporary Christian music station on XM.

    You are a good example Tim … thank you!

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