About The Time I Get to Arizona

For those who fail to understand why the GOP and its subsidiaries continue to receive the accusations of racism despite the repeated instances, perhaps you can kindly explain the Civil Rights risk Arizona is taking with its anti-immigration state law.

Many are prone to believe what they hear on FOX News and Conservative Talk Radio, but how do you look into the eyes of your Black, Latino, Asian & Arab friends or neighbors if you have any?

To stopping anyone who appears to be an illegal immigrant…?

Do you not see the problems with that?

Do you realize by your support, what and where this can lead to?

The enforcement of this law will be a Civil Rights violation; an unconstitutional seizure of a person with probable Cause (or even “reasonable suspicion”); and, also a violation of 42 USC sec. 1983: http://www.answers.com/topic/section-1983-1

It’s obvious that many do not, because most do not take the opportunity to consider the history and experiences of others due to their self fascination of their own.

Democrats should not be so politically cautious, because Republicans are marching off an electoral cliff by their blind support and disregard on this state law. They’re giving you political ammunition; do like Sarah and lock and load. Since it’s not about inciting violence.

Why stop here? Why not stop anyone who is Black, because they may be up to no good? While you’re at it, why not stop any one who appears to be Muslim, because they must be up to no good? Why not stop anyone who appears to be gay, because they must be up to no good? Let’s stop anyone who doesn’t fit a narrow description for what it is to be American.

The Great American Melting Pot… Please.

You can not be so blind to fear that you are so easily rounded up and subjected to succumbing to the cultural stereotypes that has plagued American history since its heist from the Native Americans.

Yes, there is a problem with illegal immigrants, but stopping anyone who appears to be an immigrant is not the answer. You’re bound to stop and American citizen? Do you not understand basic Civil Rights laws?

This is why the Republican Party and its subsidiaries will continue to alienate itself to irrelevancy.

This is not the way to solve the problems with immigration. You can blame Washington, but I believe there were some Republicans who are to blame as well as Democrats for inaction. You can not blame President Obama for all that is ill and not consider the roles of Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Reagan and beyond. This was a problem long before President Obama even announced he was running for the office, so lets be honest.

Do you realize that the more you alienate people the smaller and less powerful you become?

Who do you think benefits from your cultural ignorance?

Time and history will be your judge.


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  1. Do you realize that the more you alienate people the smaller and less powerful you become?

    Hopefully that the formula for the hate movement’s undoing.

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