The Bland Uniformity of Opinion

I want to begin by saying that I respect and support President Obama and his Administration in its efforts and intentions. Personally, I could not imagine the pressure that they all live under when confronting the issues he and they must contend with on a daily basis. When you find yourself immediately responsible for policies put into place by the previous administration that essentially was an assault on the middle-class, working-class and poverty stricken Americans I can only have empathy for you.

When faced with a question of how to unite the state of America, I believe the answer is simple, but damn near impossible to navigate. To journey beyond the impeding mountains of ignorance, fear and the timid, both politically and socially is no easy task.

How does one Administration correct the noted and realized failures and assaults of the previous Administration? This is true not only for the Obama Administration, but also for the Bush Administration, Clinton Administration and beyond. This will be true for whoever comes after President Obama. In my opinion this is what everyone seems to be missing.

Have we become so blinded with a bland uniformity of opinion that we can not form a fair solution?

When the news become nothing more than liberal and conservative entertainment who are we to believe?

Republicans & Conservatives are just as guilty as Democrats & Liberals. Whenever one of either group speaks truthfully about an issue, they are almost instantly silence or discredited as if they are content with discord. If we are to unite the state of America we have to consider others beyond ourselves. The bland uniformity of opinion is what is aiding and abetting the purveyors of division, the insurgents of hate, our common enemy.

Those who are unfamiliar with history may not understand or misinterpret what I have to say next, but let them talk. Because I have not given up on the promise of America despite all the country has done and in some cases continue to do that contradicts that promise. The mindset of some who are fearful of anyone who doesn’t look like or agree with them is the same mindset of a domestic terrorist. I’m referring to the domestic terrorist not in the typical definition, but in terms of how their inconsiderate ideology continues to destroy and sabotage their lives with the bland uniformity of opinion.

So instead of criticizing the President with signs and protests that reveal more of who you are and what you represent, why not try to demonstrate consideration for a person who must consider you.

5 thoughts on “The Bland Uniformity of Opinion

  1. I think that you demonstrate reverse racism by givng Obama a pass on all of the broken promises that he made to the country. His word is worthless. His character is deeply flawed.

    If it were a white guy in office would you give him a similar pass? I think not, think about it.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    1. LOL. You really don’t get it do you?

      There’s only one direction to racism. You are so unwilling to open your mind. You think that you are right and all others are wrong, but you have failed to consider others beyond yourself.

      I just said I don’t agree with everything Obama does, just like I didn’t agree with everything others do. In fact this particular piece was about both parties.

      But what is sad is that you will likely never get it until someone has either killed the President. I certainly hope that doesn’t happen, but I have written extensively about racism. You have to understand the issue clearly before you can teach it. You sir do not understand what you’re talking about on so many levels.

      It’s sad, but this is why I strive to educate persons such as yourself who has conformed to an ideology that is inconsiderate. I’m not always speaking politically, but you only hear what you want to hear.

      This is why time and history will be your judge. When it does I hope you remember the words I’ve offered.

      It’s foolish to have a discussion with a person who has chosen only to have a conversation to be right instead of considering what is right.

      This is the reason why so many continue to give up on what the Republican Party has become. Lack of accountability for their own actions.

      Good Day.

  2. You know what the insults are not necessary. I have had an open convers’sation with you, agreed with some of your points and have been open to change of mind and attitude and invited you to educate me.

    Yes you did take on both parties. You did not bother to comment on a previousl remark that I made that the overwhelming racism I see is southern redneck democrats.

    I referred to MLK jiudging a man by the content of his character. I remarked that you seem to give a pass to Obama because he is black. I don’t judge him because he is black but he lied to us and went back on his promises. Your blog is about how to shut up republicans. That is innately a hostile title. I looked past it and chose to have a dialogue with you anyway. I have admitted to racism in the Republican party.

    I have not deliberately insulted you but have disagreed with some of your points and explained my reasons. So please leave off the insults, it is not benficial and shuts off communication. You are free to disagree with me and state your reasons, that is assertive communication, insulting me because you don’t agree with me is aggressive communication, something I thought you were trying to eradicate. Perhaps I was wrong.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    1. WHAT? I believe if you go back to look at who initiated the conversation you will see that you’ve called me a racists twice, closed minded and suggest I support un-christian doctrines.

      If you look at my responses, you will see I hit back, but tried to explain to you what you still do not understand. Personally, I give up on you only because you follow the same pattern each person who has followed your ideology takes when challenged on the subject of race. I know you don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’ve been giving you an opportunity to understand what I’ve been trying to convey. Consider others beyond yourself.

      So I say again, thanks for reading and considering reading the articles I previously mentioned if you dare.

      Perhaps one day you’ll reconsider your position and remember this opportunity. Until then, Enjoy 🙂

  3. Too much dogma gets in the way of both parties, their leaders, and the partisans. Given a failure to look beyond their own ideology for solutions (that is a party-first attitude) is a serious problem.

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