Our Political Differences

The difference between Democrats and Republicans is the measure of concern towards an issue. When each sincerely considers the perspectives of the other is when you have true bipartisanship and not just a political bargain.

The measure of partisanship we experience today is hinged by multiple issues that range from economics to culture.

You can not become someone’s teacher until you first become their student. This means that in order to correct something or someone you must understand how it or they think. How it or they learn. What it thinks and how it processes what it thinks.

You must be more willing to listen than you are to speak, because it is how you learn what to say and/or how to convey the message that you want to deliver.

To put yourself into another persons shoes is what is missing in politics today. One tells you to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, while the other is telling you how bad the shoes you got on are. If both would just listen and realize that we are walking the same path, maybe we can figure out how to fix the roads that contribute to tearing the shoes up in a way that it doesn’t cost too much to accomplish.

Inconsideration for others may excite your base of support, but its foundation as a political strategy is weak and will eventually give way to what we are experiencing today.

What are the differences between Democrats and Republicans?


One thought on “Our Political Differences

  1. What are the differences between Democrats and Republicans?

    Not much.

    In many instances they are eating from the same trough.

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