What Could Be

When you hear or see someone protesting against someone with zeal you must not assume, but ask them how many people do they personally know like the people or person they’re opposing and what type of relationship is it?

Just wait for their response.

Conclusions, not assumptions can be made when you have data to base it upon.

As an example we can use race, because it’s easily understandable to almost everyone. This is only an example, but there are many others to choose from. We do not need to get caught up on this example alone.

Typical situation
Two people, one Black and the other White discuss an issue. The White gentleman says something that can be seen as racist. Understand that he may not of intended it to come out the way it did, but never-the-less it is done. So the Black gentleman is offended and without consideration reacts and calls the White gentleman a racist. This now offends the White gentleman because he sees that as an association with what he has been taught is a negative aspect of the history of White people towards other groups. So without consideration he reacts and says something that makes it worse.

So the cycle continues, all because of the lack of consideration and the failure of each to relate to each other as one beyond their circumstances and history. This takes consideration beyond themselves. Which means to not be so prone to react without consideration of the other person’s experiences and history of the relationship?

I speak about the relationship not just in terms of you and that person, but in a broader context. You don’t have to be a scholar, but to understand the social, cultural and racial connotations of certain characterizations towards a group of people can be avoided and emphasized by your words, illustrations and gestures and use of them.

The other side of it is when you generally have a relationship with a person, through a genuine friendship, not just an association or acquaintance; you are less prone to make these mistakes.

Of course, “you’re best friend may be Black” or “you use to work with a Latino” or “you use to sit beside an Asian guy in class” or “your neighbor is gay” or whatever it may be. If you didn’t have a real relationship with them, then you did not relate to them because there wasn’t a relationship.

Think about what you’re doing, before you do it or say it or act upon it. What does it say about you?

If all of the people you’re around looks like you, meaning they are all or overwhelmingly of the same race, gender, religious belief, economic status, educational background or sexual orientation, then diversify yourself and your environment. Because when you do you begin to see the beauty in them and them in you.

Consider Others Beyond Yourself,