The Time is Now

Why is it that Republicans do not want to talk about immigration?

Could it be that it exposes  who they essentially have become or welcomed into their ranks?

When you observe their position on this issue you must ask the question of how long will we sit silently with a voyueristic mentality on immigration reform?

Yes, Democrats shouldn’t be comfortable either. The time is now and this is why Democrats, Moderate Republicans & Independents should speak up more than ever in solidarity with our immigrant friends who seek citizenship and those Americans immediately descended from immigrant parents.

There is a problem with illegal immigration in the country, but why is it always an issue with Republicans & their subsidiaries when the immigrant is Spanish or African decent? I’m sure you can find some European Illegal Immigrants, but where’s the outrage then?

Isn’t this what America is? A nation of immigrants. Or are we so captivated by who we are that we have forgotten what we are?

I’m not a Joe Scarborough fan at all. I’m generally suspicious of him, but this former Republican Congressman is one of the few who you push away from the GOP. He makes a valid point and so do his guests.

Finally, Republicans and friends. Do you realize the growing list of groups you continue to tell go away?  If you want to believe that it’s never about race then why is the GOP so overwhelmingly White? Yes, you have some Blacks and a few others, but what you don’t understand even about that is what is destroying the party. Democrats will continue to beat you over the head with this billy club until you do something about it in your positions and policy. To site an instance of diversity does not prove that you are diverse. Diversity is proven over time and by what you advocate.