Seattle’s Goodwill?

Notice: To those who only want to argue for no logical or just for selfish reasons but to disagree, I suggest this to you. If you do not understand the intricacies of what is unconscious racism/discrimination, then don’t make yourself look ignorant by making an uninformed comment. This is for people who know what they’re talking about, not zealots of any form in matters of discrimination, racism, intolerance and bias. If you read what I’ve said and watch the video clips you will find that I hold all in this video that was in close proximity of this incident accountable, regardless of their race, gender or occupation.

The lack of comprehension and adherence to the intricacies of unconscious racism also referred to as unconscious discrimination. Also, the lack of adherence to the trappings of racial profiling and guilty by association.

Seattle, WA Police Detective Shandy Cobane did what so many have and will do when racism is not adequately addressed. See Video Below

Now Detective Cobane is not the only police officer at fault, because the female officer is just as guilty for participating by kicking him, when he wasn’t making any threatening gestures. In addition to the officer that I’m assuming was Black for not saying anything to his fellow officers, both Det. Cobane for his words and actions and the female officer for unprovoked aggression against the man. The female officer should have recognized what she was doing, but if this other officer was Black, I know he knows that what Detective Cobane said and did was unnecessary.

This goes to prove previous repeated arguments I’ve made that explains why racism isn’t racist, because anyone can be one. Also why the privileged routinely do not realize its privilege until it’s challenged or questioned. But this is not entirely the best venue for a cultural awareness course, but I would suggest one or just read up on the subject.


Around one minute into the video above, Mr. Roberto Maestas; a Seattle Police Chief Search Committee Member says what most Latinos, Blacks and many others members of present day ethic minority groups would say. “Profoundly disqusted, but not profoundly surprised.” What is typically missed is the agreement of those who would have agreed with the follow-up question the reporter asked. “Why aren’t you surprised?” That right there is the problem and what divides us. That is what goes unexplained.


I agree with the actions of the Seattle Police Department to remove the officer, but believe they should also make the other two officers mentioned and others not seen in the video that was close enough to have controlled their fellow officer’s actions. They may not have said anything, but silence, inaction and voyeurism can be just as deadly as violence.

Det. Cobane may be wrong, but what everyone should consider is that he’s actually taking responsibility for his actions. This is an indicator that he is redeemable and more importantly, teachable.

When I ask people to consider others beyond themselves, I extend it to everyone. This includes the perpetrator and the victim.

So even if Detective Cobane was deliberately being racist, this is the time and optimal opportunity to redeem him. We can not be more willing to accuse and not forgive. What is challenging is figuring out how best to help people understand what they don’t understand. Racism, discrimination and intolerance can be understood and fixed. We must be willing to sincerely consider others first beyond the knowledge of our own experiences and circumstances.

To overcome racism and you must first have a keen understanding of racism in all of its guises. Don’t be so quick to call someone a racist until you know what it truly is, because it’s not always as it appears.

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  1. I stated this before, I am sick and tired of these cowards, racists and bigots that are given a badge, a gun and are required to protect and serve society. Serve who?

    A clean sweep in our law enforcement will show that there are many of these characters that have infected our justice system and must be removed with great expediency.

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