Drill Baby Drill

When I think about what is going on with this recent oil spill in the Gulf it makes me mad, because with each image that’s reported on, what I see is the image of Republicans at the 2008 Republican National Convention chanting, “Drill Baby Drill”.

When I listen to the reports and updates about how it can be stopped, all I hear is the GOP’s rallying call of “Drill Baby Drill”.

When you watch the slow destruction of so much by the careless and inconsiderate hands of people who are hell bent on fewer regulations, you have to wonder what they were thinking.

It’s as if they’re just lost and simply don’t get it.

You listen to the Republican echo chamber of excuses and talking points, while in the back of your mind you hear the chant, “Drill Baby Drill”. You see the faces of Conservatives chanting “Drill Baby Drill”.

You imagine what could have been if they would have won.

The chant may have been “Drill Baby Drill”, but if the environment and ocean creatures could talk, I bet the chant would have been “Kill Baby Kill.”

You can vote for whomever you wish, but consider who and what you’re voting for when you do. Many Republicans want to blame everyone else for the problems than address their own problems and the ones they’ve caused. What you don’t know can destroy you. What you don’t know may also benefit you, but it won’t happen until you consider others beyond yourself or your own narrow understanding.

You may not believe anything is wrong, but again, what you fail to understand is what will destroy you. The more you continue to ruin the world, the more of it will eventually ruin you. It may not be in your backyard today, but one day it just may. Today I believe there are some who knows that to be true, because it’s in their backyard essentially. They breath the same air we pollute. They drink and live in the same water we contaminate. And for what reason do we do all of this?

Our greed, recklessness and lack of consideration for others beyond ourselves, that’s why. For a quart of oil and a gallon of gas.
Go ahead a continue your chant.
Yeah, I hear ya. Country First. Drill, Baby, Drill.

2 thoughts on “Drill Baby Drill

  1. If I had my way Dick Cheney would be hanging by his feet half submerged in a drum of Pennzoil.

    These people are many times the filth that’s coming up from the ocean floor.
    Palin, the RNC, the Teabaggers…
    This what happens when their kind get their way. We saw it for eight long, humiliating years and I truly hope and pray that Democrats turn out to vote or we’re going to get stuck with more of these turds-with-ears for deciders.

  2. There’s nothing to see here, it’s all under control. Go back inside or take a ride…just fill up before you go. RRJ

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