Just Imagine

Just imagine if the money that’s spent on war and weapons of mass destruction and distraction was used to save lives and educate how great a country this would be?

Just imagine if the energy that’s spent on hate of any form was invested in love, how rich we would be?

Just imagine if the time that’s spent towards trying to be heard was allocated towards listening, how much would we know?

Just imagine if the fear we demonstrate of others was expressed by our acceptance of them for who they are and not what they are. How would that affect your perceptions?

I know this may be far fetched, but imagine if we treated people as we wanted to be treated. How different our relationships would be?

You can not become someone’s teacher until you first become their student. This means that in order to correct something you must understand how it thinks, how it learned what it thinks and how it processes what it thinks.

Be more willing to listen than you are to speak, because it is how you learn what to say and/or how to say the message that you want to deliver.

Just imagine if you considered others beyond yourself.

When you think of the possibilities, nothing is impossible.

When someone responds sarcastically,”Keep dreaming”. Just respond back by saying to them, thank you, I will.


One thought on “Just Imagine

  1. “I know this may be far fetched, but imagine if we treated people as we wanted to be treated.”

    The glorious Second Commandment (of two, not ten).
    Jesus was indeed the wisest man that ever existed. The sad thing is that all too many of those who claim to follow Him avoid this most simple of commandments like the plague.

    In a perfect world….

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