The Reverse Racist

*QUICK NOTE: I really suggest you read the entire post, before you decided to rail against me. I wouldn’t want you to say something that after you read the whole thing you regret saying what you said. So just read the whole thing. Those who don’t like me for various reasons may eventually get the point I’m trying to make. Those who may not get it, I thank you as well.*

I’ve been called many names the past few years, some you can assume and some creative. The one I’ve find funny is when someone who doesn’t understand something I’ve written about racism or discrimination and calls me a racist or the one I love, a reverse racist.

I actually laugh to myself, because the person doesn’t realize that they reveal themselves to me when they say that. It’s a banner that reads, “I’m uncomfortable with race. So I retreat to the ignorance of it.”

You always allow a person to introduce themselves. This includes when it comes to sensitive issues. If it’s a sensitive issue, be sensitive about it. This means use consideration.

It isn’t always necessary to call a person a racist. If someone is racist they will let you know it in some way.

Some people who are racist don’t realize it. Not everyone who may say or do something racist isn’t a true racist. Yes, uninformed, unaware or even unsocialized, but you have to allow people the opportunity who make these sort of social and cultural mistakes enough times before categorizing them as a racist. Give a person the opportunity to learn what they may not have realized, without the unforgiving condemnation.

You may be asking yourself the question, “How do you do that?

It’s not difficult when you think about it, because it’s essentially applying the opposite characteristic of racism.

You first need to learn if they understand the social implications of what they said. Some people don’t.

I must inject this one point. No one group of people is inheritably racist. The irony of racism itself is that it isn’t what it does, meaning racism doesn’t discriminate because anyone can be a racist.

The next thing is to respectfully challenge them to consider what they may have said or done as if they were on the receiving end. Explain that it takes the removal of your perceptions and experiences to understand the experiences and perceptions of others. There’s more, but to keep it simple, if you are sincere about eliminating racism you must start with yourself. That means you must demonstrate what racism isn’t if you are going to help someone realize what it is.

Racism is a demonstration of intentional inconsideration. The reverse of that is to intentionally demonstrate consideration. I’m not trying to play with words, but to relay a message. Racism only travels one way. That is towards someone else. You reverse racism by considering others beyond yourself, which means you apply what your biases to yourself first as if it was coming from someone else. (Put yourself in their shoes)

We all make mistakes, but we can be redeemed. You become a reverse racist by changing the direction of your hostility, regressive perceptions, biases and inconsideration. Give a person a chance to prove themselves to you before you call them a racist. And don’t call someone a racist if you do not fully understand what it really is.

You can reverse racism by getting to know someone who is different than you. That’s the only way you discover your similarities.

Share your thoughts about this. I would suggest not to invoke politics or religion into this, but only your experiences. It’s alright if you disagree with me. I’m more interested in what makes you disagree. So be considerate in your response.


9 thoughts on “The Reverse Racist

  1. I wonder if you consider that reverse racism is possible. My understanding of reverse racism is a reactionary display of hostility to the supposedly offending race. How many times have I heard blacks refer to whites as honkies?

    To me, racism is a blatant disrespect towards another race. It is about diminishing and trying to render them less than worthy and thus expendable. It is despicable no matter who is being racist.

    What concerns me is that you seem to set yourself up as the ultimate authority on racism, diminishing other’s views and putting them down, especially if they dare to disagree with you.

    My concern is that you defend Obama for what is indefensible seemingly only based upon his race. I believe in judging someone by the content of their character not race regardless of the race.

    Blessings on you and yours
    John Wilder

    1. WHAT? Did you even read it or just saw the title and commented?

      READ IT.

      I wish you could experience life beyond your own understanding. I think after you actually read what is being said you “may” get what is being said. I actually spell it out for you. This one is easy and you still go into your I HATE OBAMA spill. I can say the same about Reagan, Bush, Nixon and other who were in other areas of politics on both sides. Again, just read the entire thing before commenting instead of just looking for areas of disagreement. OK.

      It’s interesting you have nothing to say on any other recent post. Just do what the people who have little to contribute do, look for areas of discord instead of unity. If you just go beyond the narrow confines of your comfort you will see others.

      Just read it. I even gave everyone a quick note to inform them that it’s not what you think it may be. It’s not even political.

  2. As usual Tim, You are making me think again, I thought you should know that so you do not think there is a fire somewhere, it is just my Brain.
    Now as far as the post, By the tittle I was expecting something else, I thought you were going to write about a little of what marriagecoach1 said in his 1st paragraph.
    But to me He either did not read what you said or just does not understand what you said,
    if I am reading your Thoughts right, I think you are saying just open up your mind to waht people have to say and do not judge them by what they look like or who they are,
    Our problem is we have too many people who will not listen, (My Examples would be say a Conservative, who will not listen to a word that a Jesse Jackson or even Keith Olbermann say, Just like a Progressive will not listen to a word that a Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck or Alan Keyes is saying it. Sometimes a person who we disagree with almost every time will make a good point)
    I remember the day Rush said something I agreed with. It was June 14th 1982 at 12:47 pm. (Sorry bad Humor) But my point is that we should not judge what others have to say till we listen to what they actually said and why they said it.
    If I did not talk to people who I disagree with, I would not have 1/2 My Family or friends I made on Facebook or in real life. (One Exception is Just say no to Red Sox fans)-Sorry Bad Humor again.

  3. I quit commenting because you insult me every time. I have a genius IQ and read the entire post. You might learn that what you have to say is perfectly clear in your own mind. What you rriean does not always translate to the other person. That is why the written word is so inferior to communicate. 80% of communication is non verbal.

    The other thing is that you I suspect are what I call a feeler emotional. You process information and your world view is based mostly on feelings. I am a logical thinker. Let me explain the difference. A logical thinker will say that 2+2=4 and that he can prove it.. A feeler emotional will say who are you to try and shove your stuff down my throat. I say 2 and 2 is 5 and my opinion is just as important as yours.

    I had an interesting experiment in first year psych. The professor said we are going to take an imaginary trip. We are walking out of here and see some trees outside, we walk through a field and come to a body of water and watch it for a while. We are on our way back and pass a house. Now that we are inside, tell us what you saw. Every one’s vision was obvious to them in their mind’s eye and yet every one had a differnent vision of the things that they saw.

    Your vision is totally clear to you but not necessarily to others.

    1. I would say go back and look at who is insulted who. You just don’t like to be challenged. This isn’t about politics, but you find a way to make it about politics. Then play the victim role when challenged. You do not know what you’re talking about. That’s not an insult, but if you choose to take it like that, then that’s your issue.

      I know I know more about this topic than you, since you’re a genius, I would think you would have recognized that it’s about reversing racism. Seriously, the words are on the screen. So go and play the victim, that’s fine with me. I have more important issue to grapple with than teaching a genius consideration.

      1. Tim,
        This gas to be the First Time I have seen you really get “upset” with a person. Of course You have every right to, I do not think I would answer him as calmly as you did. Guys like this think one way and just read those who they disagree with to get pissed off.
        I will do the same things sometimes, The difference with me is that sometimes I will hear Beck, Rush or some other Right Wing talker say something and I will say “good point”. No one is correct 100% of the time, (Except me of course)

  4. “I have a genius IQ and read the entire post.”

    You’re an idiot is what you are.
    You’re saying that Tim failed to communicate his point to you yet Larry and I saw it clearly.

    The reason is that we have taken time to read Tim’s words carefully and endeavor to understand how he rolls. As a result, we understand him when he expresses himself.
    Not one single letter of what he wrote sank into your “Genius” quality gray matter. Not one. You actually said the same thing in your reply that Tim said in his post and you don’t even realize it.

    I hope you’re teaching psych somewhere and not working for an EMT crew. In fact, you should probably see someone yourself. I can literally feel the insecurity and defensiveness in your words just by reading them. Between the lines of course.

    Maybe you just had too much coffee. Jeeze….

    1. Thank you.

      I honestly try to be nice and still was much nicer than I wanted to be in my response. I even give people a hint that it’s not what it may appear to be. The reverse of racism is the point. (I’m not directing this towards you captainkona)

      These people just don’t get it. You can lead them to the water, give them the cup and ice to drink it and even pour the water in the glass for them, but they want drink it. This is why I absolutely give up on the Republican Party, but more so the elements that has destroyed it. It’s not even so much politics than it is the incivility, ignorance and inconsideration of these ideologues who calls themselves patriots. I can talk about a non-political issue and they find a way to demonstrate their hate. Then get mad when you challenge them.

      I don’t think he had too much coffee, but some bitter tea.

      Thanks for commenting captainkona

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