Freedom & Liberty

To be a patriot is not to be free; it is to claim allegiance to something. Patriotism is a loyal obligation to a nation, sovereign, or cause. It is not freedom. It may and can be for the cause of freedom, but patriotism it self isn’t the path to freedom. Many have perverted the definition to conform to its cause.

To be free is demonstrated through consideration, acceptance or tolerance, but to be truly free is to sincerely forgive.

I know some may not want to hear that, but consider its significance before discounting what is written and me as some liberal utopian dreamer. It’s the center of the most repeated phrase I’ve offered, “Consider Others Beyond Yourself.”

You may choose or find comfort in hating someone, but that doesn’t give me permission to seek revenge or solace by hating you. It’s all a choice. To hate, to forgive, the choice is yours.

It’s not always about retaliation when you first try reasoning. But we are too impatient for that, because we are in the moment for being perceived as right instead of what is true and what can be accomplished.

“You can’t be someone’s teacher until you first be their student.”
– Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

I understand that you want justice, but justice is not found through the avenging of an injustice, at least in terms of moral justice, not legal justice. So if you want peace, if you want freedom, seek forgiveness.

When all you have is fear, aggression, hate or inconsideration, freedom is lost. You always have the liberty/choice to do whatever you please, but let your patriotism not be hijacked by bitterness or your allegiance be bound towards revenge, anger or fear. Extend yourself to an understanding beyond the realm of your own experiences and perceptions.


One thought on “Freedom & Liberty

  1. Very potent.

    It is most important that we begin to take a greater responsibility of our freedoms. We must, and most importantly, hold others accountable when they use “freedom of speech” to incite violence. We must be held accountable when we use “freedom of assembly” to parade at peaceful demonstrations armed with guns. We must be held accountable when we use “freedom of religion” to motivate fanatics to perpetrate cold-blooded murder in the name of GOD.

    Freedom is not free.

    All we have to do is look to America’s bloody past.

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