The Consequences to Drill, Baby, Drill

When I listen to this video what stands out to me is the words of the fishing captain. Captain Troy Wetzel said he was all for oil drilling before this happen, but after seeing the consequences of such as political chant & mantra he sees how much sense that really made.

Some see any reason to blame this Administration for the BP Oil spill without considering the works of the previous one. You only have to recall the smiling faces, t-shirts, hats and enthusiasm of those chanting, “Drill Baby Drill” to learn who’s to blame.

Beyond our ridiculous politics, policy and positioning is nature. How it sees it, it isn’t Drill Baby Drill, they [marine life] just see how it is Kills their babies and kills them too. Hate who and what you want, that’s not my problem, but you must admit that the concept behind the 2008 mantra & chant has some serious consequences when the industry goes unchecked.


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