2nd Member of Bush Family Speaks Highly of President Obama

Although I’m approaching the end of making frequent political posts, primarily because of the ignorance of extremist. I wanted to make this post. It’s not really political, but has political connections.

I already know what some will say, but like I’ve said many times before their negativity reveals their true agenda. Personally, I’ve given up on all of these people who continues to practice these things. I’ve tried.

I ran across this link while researching something for a book I’m writing and thought I’d share it because it was positive among the negative.

Barbara Bush, the 28-year-old daughter of President George W. Bush, told Fox News on Sunday that she was “glad” the Democrats’ health care reform package passed, and declared that “health care should be a right for everyone.”

Personally, I’m more interested in observing what those who believe or sympathetic to FOX News will behave or respond to this revelation. I believe it will likely be played down, dismissed or flat out ignored. But I want to say bravo to her and her mother, the former First Lady Laura Bush, declared that it was “great” President Obama had nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. I applaud them for having the courage to speak truthfully and honestly among the political timid and angry and negative.

My position is that you can talk problem or talk solutions. I rather talk to those who are about consideration of all, not some.

Here’s the link below.


6 thoughts on “2nd Member of Bush Family Speaks Highly of President Obama

  1. Add me to those who is trying to resist posting Political Thoughts, I am finding I am not getting responses to my posts, even those that are not Political, And Most of mine is either Fun Video’s or Sports Takes.
    But I am glad to see this from young Barbara Bush,

  2. You would come across a whole lot more sympathetic if you did not come across as so arrogant, angry and condescending. You have a point of view and you have a right to that point of view. You don’t promote your agenda by constantly putting others down.

    Obama’s healthcare plan will bankrupt us. There is much that needs to be reformed about health care. They could start by hiring auditors to check Medicare claims. Even 60 minutes uncovered wide spread fraud.

    Politicians have made deals with insurance companies that allow for in state monopolies. If Congress followed Republican’s suggestions to allow for cross state competition, you would see health care costs come down.

    Democrats don’t understand business and the consequences of their actions. They react based upon feelings. If we had tort reform and placed limits on suing doctors and made the loser pay for the legal costs, we would have far fewer phony claims and health insurance costs would become much cheaper. Republicans understand business and how it works. There are very real consequences to be considered. The Democrats won’t consider it because trial lawyers OWN THEM through their politial contributions. The Democrats are not doing what is best for the country but doing what is best for them.

    John Wilder

    1. What?

      Well you would too.

      There is a difference is arrogance and confidence. I actually don’t have any issues with Laura Bush or her daughters. These are her words, not mine.

  3. Some Teabagger (marriagecrotch1) said:
    “Obama’s healthcare plan will bankrupt us.”

    No, it won’t. Like the rest of your kind you have no clue what you’re talking about.
    Where was this insidious whining when Chimpy McCokespoon was giving billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars to terrorists like Blackwater Security in no-bid contracts?
    You’re a hypocrite and you know nothing of how the health care economics will work out.
    Except for what Glenn Beck and Sara Palin tell you that is.

    You talk about points of view? Guess what…Your lies are not “points of view”. They are lies, and they don’t deserve to be heard.

    As for the Bush Stepford women, those skanks will say anything to try and keep their bumbling dickhead of the household from looking like the single worst leader since Chairman Mao.
    It ain’t workin’.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

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