It Wasn’t Me

All I have to ask is Why? Why do you feel the need to blame someone else for your actions. It’s not my fault, it’s his or that guy or this group and even, those people over there.

Come on now, you shot yourself for whatever the reason. So why blame the imaginary Black guy? Perhaps it’s because he felt it would be more believable that a Black guy shot him than telling the truth that he shot himself? Who knows. It does allow the question to be asked of him and his views of race.

I’m not accusing this guy of being racist, because that’s for the individual to prove by their words, perceptions and behaviors. You do not have to fit the description of the typical characterization of a racist to do something unconsciously racist. It is an act of a persons measure of understanding of race.

When you refuse to take responsibility for you own words, behaviors and actions, keep in mind that what is true, history and time will soon catch up with you. So one can point the finger of responsibility at someone else, but in the end you still end up figuratively shooting yourself in the foot.

Another interesting police tale coming out of Philly. Too bad he wasn’t in a NYC bar and played for the NY Giants, but that’s another story 🙂


One thought on “It Wasn’t Me

  1. LOL

    The standards by which law enforcement personnel are screened has clearly deteriorated over the last few decades.

    The only thing that wasn’t clear was why. Did he accidentally shoot himself and make up a story to keep from looking like an idiot, or was he just trying to start something?

    Probably something even more petty than that.

    What a loser.

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