Be Present Where You Are

We are so interested in ourselves that we routinely forget about those around us. If you find yourself guilty, then don’t allow a sentence of condemnation define your future.  The reality is that we all have found ourselves caught up in our selfishness, inconsideration or with an unappreciative spirit of the experiences of others.

Each day is a unique opportunity for you to try again. Try again, but now with the knowledge of our mistakes in-hand we can better interact with the knowledge of how we can get it right this time. Get it right in our considerations for others beyond our own knowledge, perceptions or assumptions.

So each day simply demonstrate the forgiveness, consideration and love that you require to do it better today. Regardless what you believe, spiritual or not, neither is promised to see tomorrow and you can’t retrieve yesterday. All you have is today. So be present where you are.

What is worth missing the moment due to your dreams of yesterday or aspirations for tomorrow if you are not present where you are today?

Before the day is over I ask that you always make peace with yourself. You may not have accomplished all you set out to achieve today, but tomorrow always offers another opportunity, but none will be possible if you’re not present where you are today.


Tim Valentine

One thought on “Be Present Where You Are

  1. Bravo, Tim!!! You be careful making great posts like this one, because, essentially, it reaches deep into the core of our existence/purpose in life, and when one is able to challenge others to do this great things happen (Vince Lombardi, Phil Jackson, John Wooden come to mind here).

    Have a great day sir. All my best to you and your family for a wonderful July 4th celebration.

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