TI&S Blog Note

This note is directed more towards the readers and subscribers who has followed me for a few years now.

I’ve been debating about what to do with all that has been written and considering many of the thoughts, ideas and suggestions you have privately and publicly shared with me.

I began this blog November 7, 2006 and although I only had a handful of post in 2007 I decided to take writting more seriously towards the end of that year. In 2008 up to now I have strived to write things that would make people think more than just giving my opinion. Of course at times I gave my opinion, but for the most part I made a conscious effort to provide some meaning to the message I was offering.

Along the way I anticipated that many people may not initially comprehend all that I was asking them to consider, but with some in this category they come to understand the message. I’ve been called many names by people who just didn’t get it and didn’t want to get it. I have to thank them too, because it was you who helped me sharpen my skills. To live by the message I was offering I had to practice it. As I would occasionally mention, that’s easier said than done. So to those of you who were so kind to demonstrate what I was writing by calling me various names, I sincerely thank you. You make me better.

The people I call my friends… many of you I continue our online friendship through other venues, I really appreciate you. You make me think and encouraged me to go deeper. You helped defend a point when someone hellbent on opposing it would attack. Thank you. I hope to personally meet all of you some day soon. Some I am sure I will.

I was going to end this blog, but leave it up for reference, but I decided against that. I will continue it, but focus will change slightly.

I will keep many of the 998 previous post written, but will deliberately focus more of what I write on here towards issues, practices, examples and lessons in anti-discrimination, anti-intolerance and anti-racism in all forms. Now some of you may say, haven’t you been doing that alright. Yes, to a point, but I want to do more of it. Other may ask the question, “What about politics?”

I believe I’ve written all that I can on it. I’ve actually given up on many people in politics today. The politics for some is simply fear and hate and their isn’t anything I or anyone else can say or do to change their mind. Only time and truth can teach them. Notice I did not mention any political afflication.

Now my political tendencies are still the same. My spiritual beliefs remain the same if not strengthen. My world views are still based upon consideration, mutual respect and what’s true. I will always defend fairness and anti-extremism.  I’m just finished trying to teach anyone who doesn’t want to learn.

Some will find this next line humorous and others will find it as a slight, but it’s the meaning of the message I want you to understand. When you think more highly of yourselve than what is reasonable you make the assumption of being a geninus, when in reality you only prove to everyone what you don’t know.

I’m not going away, but you will likely not see too many political posts unless it is to reference a social message.

Finally, I thank you for your sharing your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. It’s the orgin of conversation and action.

Thank You,

Tim Valentine


5 thoughts on “TI&S Blog Note

  1. Good morning, Tim!

    Thank You for providing a great place to share and learn over the years. Hope you trust your inner-voice and cultivate more of your sensible wisdom here for us for some time to come. Your decision to focus upon the total human experience instead of the ill-fated political arena of late is a good thing. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks Al,

      I’ve just reached a point where I’m tired of saying it. If and I pray that it doesn’t, but if someone manages to do the unthinkable, no one who has visited this blog can say that I didn’t try to warn them. I haven’t given up, but there are so many other things that I want to focus upon beyond American politics. I’m actually planning on writing something about an issue that spotlights Iceland’s political scene that I found interesting. Then there are other issues. I’ll write about American politics, but just not as often. But I’m sure the typical folks who objects will find something else to object to with that as well. So nothing really changes 🙂

      I do thank you for reading and contributing to the discussions. You have on more than one occasion change my mind or made me reconsider. What I appreciate the most is that you did it with sincere mutual respect.


  2. Yeah, don’t stop blogging. There are too few voices of reason in the Tennessee blogosphere.

    Change the focus, blog less often if you must, but please don’t stop altogether.
    The Rightards are gaining in lying voices, we can’t afford to lose seekers of truth.


  3. “What I appreciate the most is that you did it with sincere mutual respect.”

    You earned it, Tim, all by yourself, for simpy being who you are. Whatever you may decide to write about and share with the rest of us will be worth reading.

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