From Pimps in the Pulpit to the Players in the Pews

This note is directed towards those who are Christians. All are welcomed to read and comment, but it is written with the person who seeks or practices the teachings of Jesus Christ in mind. I include this notice because I want it to be absolutely clear that YOU know who this note is respectfully intended to.

I offer this for those individuals represented by name, image or in any affiliation of these individuals. I begin by saying that I personally do not and/or have no reason to believe any of the ministers in the image above are or should be considered to be a pimp, player or any other derogatory terms that has unfairly been associated to them and their ministries. I have personally listened or watched all of them and many others who are not featured in the graphic. I may not follow all of their individual ministries, but it doesn’t mean I do not respect them or their calling.

None of the ministers represented need me to defend them, because each can stand alone and let their works speak truth to those who come against them. I am just one person. One person who just couldn’t sit silently on some spiritual sideline watching another unfair attack against ministry go unchallenged. So I got something to say.

If there is one thing my father has taught me that I take seriously is to not speak against another ministry or question their calling to that ministry. If what they say is true, it will manifest itself within their ministry and life. Also, if I want to be respected for what I do then I must respect others for what they do when they do it in sincere truth.


From Pimps in the Pulpit to the Players in the Pews
Written By: Tim Valentine

When I hear persons repeatedly criticize ministers I listen for their intentions or watch the pattern of their criticisms. In this incident the criticism seems to be of ministers of what is known as mega-churches (churches with several thousand members) and prosperity gospel. I understand the criticisms of prosperity gospel, but still have not found anyone to give a valid or unbiased reason why prosperity is such a sin?

Who am I to question whether you or anyone else has been called into the advocacy of ministry?

Essentially, that’s the question you should ask those who are quick or have a tendency to criticize the visible success or failure of any ministry, teacher or preacher of any faith. The bottom-line is that you may see the blessing, but you don’t know the walk it took for them to receive that blessing.

My approach is from the perspective of a family that has a few ministers in it. When you have the opportunity to see ‘The Church’ from the pew and from the pulpit you recognize the Pimps in the pulpit and the Players in the pews. The difference is within the evidence of our calling.

We all have a purpose, ministry in life. We all advocate something. The goal of the Christian is to be an advocate for God. What many are too busy to consider is what they are advocating by their thoughts, words and behaviors?

In my opinion, to be a true follower of Christ is to know that it is not about carrying the title of Christian if I’m unwilling to bare the same cross it is to be a follower of Christ. Isn’t a Christian simply a reformed or enlighten former sinner? How hypocritical is it for anyone to emphasis what you are if they haven’t considered who they are or was?

Many people who come to church sit in the pews as if it was the judgment seat of God, quick to criticize everyone, especially the minister. This is abundantly true for those who have become successful in some manner. If we are all given the same measure of faith then why do those who cast stones fail to consider spirituality having anything to do with there success?

Why should I take serious the criticisms of those who start off with a bias against ministers or even Christianity itself if it is done not with the intent of understanding, respect or consideration, but to essentially God damn you?

Some who calls themselves Christian are quick to damn you, then say that it is in the name love while giving you hell for being who you are. Some claim to be Christians with their lips, but should not be considered to be like Christ if you examine their deeds. It is as if there’s some competition for God within the hearts of those who practice these criticisms.

If they are so offensive to you, then why do you listen to them?

No, a better question would be what is it about any of these ministers that makes you uncomfortable?

Perhaps it’s the very thing you criticize, there success, their obvious faith, their confidence to love and pray for those who despitefully use them and speak against them.

Perhaps they make you consider your relationship with God.

If you’re going to claim to be a Christian then you must bear the cross of Christ.

When will people who claim to be Christians start proclaiming Christ not in words, but in their life? Stop being afraid of the tricks of our adversary and tell him and his crew to go to Hell? They’ve already been defeated, so why do we as Christians continue to fight a fight that’s already been won?

Love people for who they are, not what they are. Demonstrate respect for those who may not believe what you believe or criticize you for believing what you believe, because when you do what they do how does that make you different? The difference is the reason for the criticism.

How can you be a minister of any faith without boldly addressing the social issues that confronts us all?

It is true that there are people who proclaim to be a Christian who is trying to pimp Jesus for a worldly gain. What is disturbing is that they don’t realize that they’re simply a prostitute of the Devil who just got turned out. You can play church all you want, but at the end of the day you’re just playing. The same is true for preachers. You can get up and say whatever you can thinly lace to a scripture regardless of how true it is or not, but you won’t get anywhere.

Some may disagree with me for the position I’ve taken in what is written and I respect that. I believe I fairly stated my position and observations. I agree that there are Pimps in the Pulpit and Players in the Pews, but the question is where do you?

3 thoughts on “From Pimps in the Pulpit to the Players in the Pews

  1. I have no dealing with organized Churches, or those who are on the T.V. they teaches riches here on earth, but if one would take a good look into their teaching I find dead souls, because only the churches themselves. In reading my bible I have found that most of these Preachers uses their own ways in teaching using small, quote from scripture that fit into their prospective speeches. I agree with the writer.
    I find that they uses their powers to force upon other their beliefs their thoughts that do not coincide with the teaching of the bible, they are just as much a part of the world as the ordinary man woman who are not in the church. Our Bible teaches although we live in the world we are not suppose to be a part of it so why are the churches, fighting against things like abortions, Gays and Lesbians isn’t this a part of the world. Why are the churches now claiming that America’s Constitutions are build up on the Bible, when we are taught or told if we read the Bible that we are not in this world, we are Alien, there for we should not get into worldly things. No I can not agree with the Churches of today. I would rather continue doing what I have been doing. Love and prey for those that are lost in this world and practice what I say. This is my point of view!

  2. I think you have said it perfectly. It is not fair to name anyone in particular but we do know there are some out there, And also we know that this is true in all faiths also.

  3. Wow! Another interesting and thought-provoking post, Tim. Can appreciate your fairminded stance on giving the ministers the benefit of the doubt–how decent of you sir. Besides, the scriptures tell us that God is not mocked, so ultimately, He already knows the motivations of these folks anyway, and if it’s okay with Him, the it’s okay with me too.

    Have a good one.

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