The Same On Paper As In Words

Today I really wasn’t in the mood to go into any detail regarding race. It’s not that I am in a bad mood or not feeling well, but I’m just physically tired and rather try to answer these questions when I am not as tired. But being the only Negro around 🙂 it seems I have to get the “I’m oblivious about race” questions.

A brief discussion of race & culture was being discussed this morning, specifically, the U.S. Census. I wasn’t even trying to participate until I was curiously asked this question. “Why do Black people called themselves African-American if they’re not from Africa?”

My Initial Thought: “Dude, I’m just trying to eat my muffin, drink my peach tea and check my emails. Leave me alone, I really don’t care.”

I wanted to just give a smart-ass response, but could tell the question was sincere so I do what so many minorities are forced to do that those in the present majority seem to excuse themselves from, I tried to answer their question since I represented the race to them. (The Black Friend)

Before I could even respond the guy interrupted and said that he was part German and something else. Then another guy said he was part Italian and something else.

I’m thinking… OK?

So I asked them a simple question, “What do you check on applications or the census?

They both said White.

Then I asked, “Why do you distinguish yourself in words, but not on paper?

If you’re part German, Italian or whatever it may be, then why not claim in on paper? It’s about heritage, not hate right?

They got quiet and looked confused.

Then I continued by saying that I can’t answer for all Black people, but not all people who classify themselves as African-American can say that with absolute confidence. To be an African-American in America is to be categorized as Black all the time, not just in words or on paper, but in all that has been attached to it in social perceptions.

Needless to say they shut up and left me alone. I got to finish my muffin and emails. I told you I was tired. I don’t know why you want to trip, because I gave you a raw answer. Were you expecting me to pretty it up today? 😀

I do not believe they got what I was saying, for the most part due to not seeing themselves as a minority. Also knowing the history of America outside from what they tell you in schoolbooks. Far too often, to be part something in America means you’re not fully American. You only need to listen to the language of a person speaking about this issue over time. Anyone will say what’s socially acceptable when confronted, but measure what they say with their action. But does that only apply to African-American, Asian-American, Arab, Americans, Hispanic-Americans?

Why is it that we just can’t be American?

Perhaps I should have just said, I see myself as an American who is Black. I could have been funny and said that I was part this or that, but I can’t say that, can I? The fact is that slave records were kept and reported as well as Enron kept its accounting records. So I may be like many other American Blacks and be a descendant from South America instead of Africa.

But the point is if someone can explain what some people (not all) don’t, won’t or can’t comprehend regarding this issue then I would be grateful. If you’re part something, then claim that on paper and be counted for it.

What reason would someone have to claim something that they’re not if they’re not trying to pass? You only try to pass for something you’re not if you’re going to be privileged by it in some way.

So be the same as you are on paper that you are in words?


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  1. Its okay to be tired and not wanting to deal with race questions, sometimes you just need a break.

    I have a question for which I would appreciate you contemplating and commenting on when you are not so stressed.

    Why do you think that none of the major media besides Fox News are commenting on the Department of Justice dismissing a conviction on the New Black Panthers standing outside a polling place with a police baton, dressed in paramilitary garb and threatening white voters and preventing them coming into the polling place and the black panthers stating that “now you are going to understand what it means to be ruled by the black man cracker”. He was subsequently video taped stating that for the black man to get his fair share, that they were going to have to kill some crackers and their babies and praising Osam Bin Laden. Your comments please.

    John Wilder

  2. “Your comments please.”

    1) Where’s the link to the vid and the court docs?
    You’re talking about one, irrelevant and isolated incident as though it was some major catastrophe. Personally, I would have shoved his club up his ass and turned him into a Popsicle. People who intimidate others like that are actually less disgraceful than those who are so easily intimidated. We call them cowards.

    2) You seem to assume that Tim might have a different view of this because he’s black. How do you feel when Klansmen get off the hook for harming non-whites?

    1. this was neither irrelevant nor isolated. this particular case happens to be documented; it was not just “whites”. elderly blacks (men and women) were prevented from entering the polling site IF they were not planning to vote for obama. they are prepared to testify. those inside the polling station were threatened. an older black woman who had marched with martin luther king witnessed people walking away from the polling station (without having gone inside to vote) after having been directed away from the polling station by black men (presumably new black panthers).

      to follow up where this issue stands today:

      there are scores of complaints across the country for voter fraud that day, including from democrats who have been unable to reconcile votes against voter caucus information in states that rely on caucus votes. one black democrat lost her caucus seat when she complained about the possibility of voter fraud perpetrated by the obama campaign. if you are interested in getting a broader documented story versus relying on rumors has a wealth of video to help you determine what you believe is or is not true.

      tim is a young black man who does not have the ability to speak on behalf of all black men. he has his own view and continues to make every effort to be informed and educated and to share information with others who think. his ability to think and conjecture is in no way associated with his race. were he to be in a position of leadership among blacks, i would speculate he would be making every effort to dispel red herrings from the political field, including racial bias or prejudice. i believe it is reasonably certain to suggest he would, as any other rational, mature american, agree voter fraud or intimidation perpetuated by any party, entirely irrespective of the races of those involved, should be prosecuted accordingly. he would likely be as offended by whites who direct hate crimes against blacks and other races, as he is offended by blacks who direct hate crimes against whites and other races.

      the only difference here is that tim has the courage of conviction to speak on his own behalf, as an american citizen.

      it is easy to say you would have made a popsicle out of an intimidator but it is likely you have never been confronted by a like this. it is easy to speak from a position of bravery until you are required to be courageous and when speaking of intolerable situations of which you know nothing.

      radical groups representing either white supremacy or black supremacy are tearing this world apart. it is shocking to watch further video on this new black panther as he makes every effort to contaminate the minds of other blacks with his anger, propaganda, fear, and weakess and believing that his anger justifies his violent position.

      blacks are unceasing in pointing the finger of racism at anyone who disagrees with them or who happens to be of another race. it’s really comic that when charges of reverse discrimination levied against black radical leaders are met with defense, using racism as the answer to every charge. it gives an impression the blacks can dish it out … but they just can’t take it when they see their own faces in the mirror

      our executive leader is doing nothing to avert the race wars and may be intentionally driving them:

      there are dangerous impressions that because one is white, they are one of the white elite, and that because one is black, they are one of the black radicals.

      neither of these are true, and yet these arguments continue to be funneled through those who have demonstrated they are so desperate to feel counted and to belong, they become willing mouthpieces of those who do intend deliberate harm to all of the races.

      why can’t we just be americans without the politically correct attributes? because the true “elitists” could not easily control us without the subtext of hate in every action and non-action.

      if we all agree to be americans in the truest sense, dedicated to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, without the baggage of association attributed to being white, black, hispanic or asian, it is quite possible we could at least break down the “machine” that is seeking to control us long enough for us to declare a unified effort and join together in unified strategy to restore truth and the american way of life.

      there are only a scant handful of those who occupy the earth who might be considered “bad” or “evil” by nature, or individuals who have been selectively groomed to become one of the “elitists” themselves (those who have no sense of social conscious or responsibility in doing whatever needs to be done to gain the power, wealth, and prestige they feel they are “entitled” to by simple virtue they happened to be born into the “right” families, and their sense of “entitlement” to destroy anything and everyone that dares get in their way or challenge their agenda. they feel “entitled” to do to us what we, people of good conscious and sound mind and heart, would not even consider doing to any other person.

      the vast majority of us are good people who seek to live a good life and to assist those truly in need to be able to stand on their own. we are not looking to be contained, controlled or beaten down, and we are not looking for war.

      the american people are waking up and challenging the hate-mongers, those privileged elite of money and power, who dare to pit us against one another, using bull dogs of all races who find themselves willing to enter the fray in order to simply survive, to prevent threat, or have become so convinced of the story of the anger that has been fed to them piecemeal over a lifetime that they are constitutionally incapable of thinking for themselves.

  3. I don’t have a link. It was on Fox News where they interviewed the career prosecutor who resigned his postion because of the travesty. I had previoulsy pointed out there is reverse racism going on with blacks.

    I have never seen klamsmen getting off for hurting non whites but I would consider it also a travesty of justice.

    The bottom line is that it came from the top Eric Holder that they were not going to be prosecuting black on white violence and voter intimidation and voter fraud.

    I disagree with Obama on almost everything that he stands for, not because he is black but because he is wrong, like turning down foreign nations offer of oil skimmers and just letting the oil flow to pollute the ocean just as one example. Even James Carville who is a very militant left wing supporter is criticizing Obama for his mishandling of the oil spill.

  4. With all due respect, I don’t take anybody’s word for anything on the internet.

    If the charges were dismissed then the accusations were probably exaggerated.

    FUX NEWZ is not now, nor ever has been credible.
    You asked why they were the only ones reporting on it? Why were they the only ones reporting that the traitor, Scooter Libby, was found “not guilty” when he was convicted?

    Because they are liars and traitors.

    Find a credible source for your erroneous claims or keep them out of my eyes.

  5. They showed video that was unmistakable. There was a guy who was a democrat who was a veteran poll watcher that they interviewed as well as the career prosecutor who resigned in disgust. The major news media including the New York Times issued and apology for not picking up the story and reporting on it on the Acorn stuff that Fox News aired. They always have a democrat on to give the left side unlike the mainstream news who tout journalistic integrity. Take the Great Global warming hoax for example. The main stream news media reports it as a fact when all it is, is a THEORY based upon extremely poor computer modeling. Therre is not a single experiment done according to The Scientific Method proving this hoaky theory but the news media and the unethical scientists claim consensus. If you study the history of the SCientific Method, it was designed to eliminate CONSENSUS where it has no place in legitimate scientific circles. I know this for a fact because I have a degree in science and have worked in a scientific field. I am also a published writer who has had over 100 rejections by the mainstream media for my piece refuting global warming theory. The short answer is because CO2 has a specific gravity of 1.52. which means that it is 152% heavier than air and thus sinks to the ground when released. That is why they use it in fire extinguishers. It does not risse into the atmosphere where according to the IPCC will stay there for 100 years. It is entirely false on its face. Fox is the only news organization who has reported on this truthfully. You are so full of hatred that you can’t see it. The lame stream media spits in the face of jounralistic integrity.

    John Wilder

  6. To touch on what Tim wrote in the original post, it’s nice to have standard labels for people because we are curious about who comprises America. It’s interesting to see how diverse we are but at the same time, are the categories of the past decade too restrictive? One hundred years ago, the major distinctions in ethnicity were between German-Americans, Italian-Americans, etc. Now, we see immigrants coming from India, Indonesia, South Korea, Venezuela, Honduras, etc. Being white and being black seem like very homogeneous categories in today’s America. Should people be allowed to use their own terminology to identify themselves and should our society encourage it?

    1. self-identification is really only important to the individual in terms of determining from whence he/she came.

      the various “sub-groups” themselves reject affiliation with other groups. for example, hispanic cubanos desire no affiliation or association with hondurians, mexicans, or south americans. black cubanos do not think of themselves as black americans. neither, for that matter, do immigrants from africa, who prefer to distance themselves as much as possible from “black americans”.

      because of the diversity in our country, i like the idea of dropping all labels entirely and allowing ourselves to be simply be who we are.

      it would be nice to have conversations with people who are simply people .. people who do not find it necessary to defend their labels .. people who refuse to be pigeonholed and disenfranchised, people who refuse to be decorated by labels of either choice or assignment (even political affiliation!).

      what a wonderful world it would be for us to claim our equality and live in that consciousness, rather than allowing others to create ideas and devices intended to manipulated us into believing we are not equals.

      in the meantime, people rally and fight for the idea of believing something has been taken away from them … even though nothing at all has been taken from them that has not also been taken from everyone else.

      the more i think about it .. the more i agree that it is the idea of labels themselves that are harmful.

      i am so much more than labels and my attachment to old stories might suggest.

      so are you.

      1. 🙂 You’re taking this more seriously than I did. That’s good I guess.

        Like I said in the post, I just wanted my muffin and read my emails. 😀

        The point was just to raise the point of the question some ask. I really wasn’t upset with them. I understood their intentions, but wanted to ask them why they distinguished themselves in one way, but not the other. I understand the purpose of the categories, but they have also been used to separate people. We all have fallen victim to the psychological categorization from race. In the end, we are essential just man or woman. I’m not even going to go into transgendered for anyone who may ask.

        Glad you found this one interesting. It was just a passing thought for me that I decided to share.

  7. one of the many many sites i frequent to discern the trickle of truth available to us.

    the thing is, rupert murdoch has admitted he uses fox news to help “form” public opinion. his reports are intended to challenge the status quo, mimicking his own personal choice in how to live life to the fullest.

    it’s interesting fox news is reporting on the stuff no one else will. the majority of mainstream media either deliberately ignores or downplays what may be considered politically newsworthy to the general american population (focusing instead on mel gibson’s personal life challenges), until viewers start complaining enough that the mainstream has amble time to prepare a spin. of course, many of these viewers sit complacently in front of the tv, nodding to sleep. business as usual.

    meanwhile, fox deliberately plays to the “other side” … tantalizing viewers, giving ammunition to pundits and broadcasters, and essentially creating a maelstrom of disagreement.

    we have had more news of the gulf through fox; the other stations (it has been suggested bp has part ownership in this news conglomeration) tending to offer only what bp is releasing.

    does that say any of the news stations are wrong?

    there are too many who fail to notice is that all of these news outlets are created to produce revenue … as are the television shows the american public hungers for.

    these too many fail, also, to notice that news is a manipulation. nothing more. nothing less. it is what is given us to assist us in either sitting in continued apathy, or to get us off of our collective posteriors to utilize our inherent powers of discernment in figuring out the obvious: this country is riding in a handbasket on the handlebars of the witch of the west. now. is she a good witch? or a bad witch? all we know, for sure, is that she is riding down that road paved to look like gold with its “good intentions” .. and we all know where that road goes, don’t we?

    we have too many sources available to us to rely on any one specific source, or type of source (left wing or right wing), freely available for our scrunity and discussion. those who are smart are erasing the invisible lines of “group” politics to join together to do something constructive.

    for those who choose not to open their minds and study all opinions, there will be no sympathy awarded when the time comes for those who cry “i didn’t know.”

  8. abbie:

    Thank you for having enough respect, and not being too lazy, to provide info and links.
    If only more would.

    Not much in those vids except for the first one where the idiot was holding a club in his hand. He made no aggressive movements at all, but was still out of line and the cops acted accordingly. Stupid people do stupid things.
    Of course, I still hold the belief that a person is only as intimidated as he allows himself to be. The guy making the vids is a cowardly punk for letting himself get run off by a woman like that and his fear of pint sized clown with a nightstick is almost amusing.

    Nothing from FOX News is acceptable as evidence so I won’t comment on those segments except to state that FOX and anyone involved with Rupert Murdoch are traitors. They are liars and that is a proven fact.

    I am glad to see you believe that voter intimidation is unacceptable from any party. Mainly because the Republican party has committed far, far worse violations than any of the obscurity shown in the vids you offered.

    Racial voter intimidation by Republican party.

    FBI investigates Virginia GOP for voter fraud. No one went to jail.

    Phony GOP flyer directs voters to vote on wrong days.

    Race based voter intimidation explained including history.

    Violent threats from Republican Party officials.

    Students threatened by GOP for registering voters in VA.

    Worse than ACORN.

    So you see, as wrong as it may be, what amounts to virtually nothing in the vids you offered is overshadowed many times by the GOP and their long history of voter intimidation efforts.
    And that is not limited to violence and deception at the polls. It includes Vote Caging….And the overall vote ballot fraud committed by the Republican party in 2000.

    George W. Bush was never elected President of the United States.

    Basically, these paltry complaints from cowards who were scared by a black guy in a leather jacket and a few obscure, context-void incidents in a shit hole like Philidelphia amount to nothing by comparison.
    That’s why FOX is the only entertainment source reporting on it. It has no significance compared to what most of us remember from the last eight out of ten years.

    But thanx for at least trying to pose and argument. If only others weren’t too lazy to do so….


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