GOP lawmaker: Republican agenda should be kept hidden

I’m sure someone will only get upset with me, but I’m only asking the question that I’m sure will not be answered by those who may get upset with me for asking.

Can or will any Republican simply answer the question without doing what Rep. King is suggesting? I doubt it, but let’s see.

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) was on Bill Bennett’s radio show Thursday when he said that “the GOP should focus on its strategy of being against President Barack Obama’s policies, but shouldn’t give too many specifics on its own policies — or those policies could be used against them.

The GOP strategy should be a combination of being against what Obama is for, and also giving certain specifics of what we are for. Having said that, I don’t think we have to lay out a complete agenda, from top to bottom, because then we would have the national mainstream media jumping on every point trying to make that a campaign issue.

We already know what the GOP is about and it’s ‘agenda‘, but here’s my question. What do you have to hide?


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  1. OK, I’ll try to address this without too much rancor.

    There’s nothing to hide and Rep. King isn’t suggesting that anything be hidden. He is merely stating that the GOP shouldn’t publicly publish detailed plans and rebuttals to the plans and agendas of Obama and his Liberals because that would cause things to devolve into a argument over minutiae – much as the ObamaCare process did for the Democrats – corrupted and debased by the “sound bite” nature of ALL of America’s MSM.

    Politically speaking, he’s advocating the best strategy for winning; I DON’T like the idea though, which might surprise you. I’d much rather the GOP publish detailed plans and proposals and be ready to defend them.

    Of course the Dems do the same thing as King espouses. Look how much of current legislation is being worked out solely or largely behind closed doors and how many Dems up for election have moved from open events to closed-door invitation only ones.

    Irrespective of Party, the federal politicians have, by and large, stopped serving- or having respect for the electorate. That, I think, is going to hurt both Parties a great deal in the upcoming elections and I’m damn glad of it.

  2. We have already seen what the mainstream media does to Conservatives and what they are willing not to address for liberals in general and Obama in particular. You have not answered my question about Holder dismissings a conviction for black on white voter suppression at the end of a billy club and their stance that they will not prosecute black on white violence, especially when it comes to voter suppression and why the main stream media has not touched it.

    John Wilder

    1. I will provide the link of where I answered that question.
      There so many things concerning race you do not understand, but it’s alright. When we consider the vast differences of experiences I understand to a degree why you may not understand the point of view I’m sharing. I’m actually not upset with you. If you have the time, just troll through past posts regarding race, but it is extensive, so I do not expect anyone to go through all of it. 🙂

      I have yet had any Republican to answer this question. Most have done exactly what you’re doing. Really, it’s OK. I really do understand.

  3. Rep. King, thank you for granting us this interview.

    King: Well, thank youz. Glad to be here. Ya know?

    Yes, well… Rep. King, what exactly is the Republican agenda for the upcoming election season?

    King: Oh, nuthin’ really.

    But…’re telling us there is no agenda?

    King: Youz need to have yer fuckin’ ears cleaned out or somethin’?

    It’s…no…it’s just kinda strange to hear that a major political party has no agenda.

    King: It’s a fuckin’ secret. Okay, scumbag?
    We don’t go around rattin’ on our own, ya know? That’s on a need to know basis and youz don’t need to fuckin’ know. Ya know?

    But……Mr. King…….the people have a right to know.

    King: I got yer funkin’ right to know right here you little…%#$#$%^* **&^^

    This interview was brought to youz by FUX Newz. Always fair, always balanced.

  4. You said in another writing that racism only goes one way. I don’t understand this and would request you provide an explanation of one way racism.

    Maybe I would understand overall racial issue if it they were explained to me from the position of a black man who does understand. If i understand, maybe I could find what it is about me makes me someone who is accused of being racist when i don’t believe i am.

    I just want to better myself.

    Thank you very much.

    1. Although the experiences may be different, racism is essentially the same for anyone who experiences it. Actually I’ve answered the question you pose as response to this question several times in the past in detail on here. It may take a minute to actually list all of them, but just try to answer this question if you can. We can not take the us vs them stance, because that further divides us in our mind. But isn’t that essentially the problem?

      I’m actually writing something called “The Psychological Box of Race” that explores an aspect of your question in detail in addition to others. It’s not a Black, White, Latino, Asian or Arab point of view, but takes a look at the issue or race itself and how it is taught, specifically in the U.S. I may try to summarize it to a single post or two if possible without taking too much out to make it fit. 🙂

      Anyway, if you are not able to answer the question of this post, I understand. Your response at least shows you considered it. Most people avoid the question all together.

      I’ll try to find a moment to provide a few links to previous posts that may help answer your question in detail.

    2. your response to the gentleman seems to have been both patronizing and dismissive.

      you might seem to be something of an apologist in anticipating that some of your remarks might be controversial. you seem to take pains to state yours is a personal opinion, not intended to be offensive and that you welcome new ideas and conversation.

      and yet .. when challenged with a question, you allude to having already responded in some previous post (i have been unable to find any direct reference that might provide an answer), or if they stipulate an idea that might be controversial or specific, they suddenly become someone who just doesn’t get “it” or “you.” an idea of disagreement seems to result in an implication that the writer is either republican or resorting to the tactics of republicans.

      while video presentations are helpful in determining ideas that seem to influence your own thinking, they do not answer the questions that have been put to you specifically.

      i find it somewhat disconcerting that you somehow believe the position of democrats entirely in believing “they” are somehow doing things right in spite of a republican minority who appears, by your standards, to be the force behind driving the decline of our country.

      you do not seem to have absorbed the fact of legislation that is being funneled through by our president, bypassing all traditional avenues, that are to the detriment of the country. the landmark healthcare reform bill was not distributed to voting representatives, or even discussed. nancy pelosi herself said, not insinuated, “you will have to vote for the bill to see what’s in it.”

      it is the democrats who have starting robbing the piggy banks of our unborn children in borrowing funds, which are then funneled to organizations that have no accountability. our own representatives voted against a full audit of the federal reserves .. the same black hole that is in no way attached to any federal agency, and is independently owned.

      standing democrats and republicans BOTH are responsible and accountable for failing to do their jobs. the real problem is with our representative governing body … the whole lot of them .. who have allowed treasonous acts to pass unchallenged.

      it should be “all of us” against “them.”

      “all of us” are better than being segregated by labels that have no meaning or value .. and “all of us” are required to participate in in fact we desire positive change. that, too, will be difficult … for many of “all of us” have somehow become convinced by the soundbytes of favorite legislators, senators, presidents, analysts, ministers, priests, rabbis, immans, celebrities, etc. that socialism will best serve our population.

      that is a fearful thing … socialists and race dedicated constituents who refuse to self-identify for fear of being discounted, discovered to be racist (despite protestations otherwise), or of being discovered to be without credibility.

      i believe any on here will be happy to answer any question you might propose. it is reasonable, that as author to these pages, you would be willing to answer questions, as well.

      unless, of course, you having something to hide.

      thank you.

  5. Here’s one of the links. There’s more, but keep in mind there’s 900+ posts on here. If I had more time to research it quicker I would have it. Off the top of my head I think there something around Jan 1, 09. There’s another one titled “Ideological Moratorium” and a post that has a very good lecture by Tim Wise that may help you better understand race. Let me find that one and post it after the one below. Hold on.

  6. OK, please forgive me, but here it is. The link to the post from Tim Wise.

    The Pathology of White Privilege

    This was the title of his lecture. He spells it out I believe in a way that may be more comfortable for White Americans to hear. He actually speaks about that very point. The point of a Black person saying what he’s saying and how a White person may interpret it compared to a White person saying the same thing and how another White person may interpret it.

    I would strongly suggest everyone take the time to listen to this lecture. Perhaps it may help you understand exactly what I’m doing, because essentially it’s the very same thing.

  7. I don’t think the GOP’s agenda is much of a secret. They plan to:

    -repeal the law that gave millions of Americans access to health insurance
    -ensure that companies like BP get minimally-regulated access to our shorelines
    -refrain from helping those Americans who lost their jobs during the worst recession in decades

    What’s not to like about that? It’s a CEO’s dream come true. Get that stuff up on billboards.

    1. this may be the most ludicrous post i’ve read.

      are republicans seeking to repeal the health care reform act? yes. so are many democrats, liberals, libertarians, greenists. at last survey, over 70% of the population was incensed at the implications of the health care reform act which, when finally read and dissected, was discovered to be an ominous weapon to be used by the government against the american people and medical providers. yes. it does provide free coverage to those who are underemployed, unemployed and live at poverty levels (also covers those illegals and specific races who are demanding “free” benefits). it also loses entirely the idea of medical care as it is available today. please review the british health care plan (which, in itself, causes many brits to want to immigrate to this country), which is a fantasy world by comparison to what is being proposed. president obama, despite his repeated assurances to provide proposed legislation at least 5 days in advance of the vote did not distribute the 2800 page plan until the day of the vote. democrat nancy pelosi, speaker of the house, announced candidly, “if you want to know what’s in it, you have to vote for it.” question 1: just how stupid and short-sighted do the administration think we are? those who are lauding it either haven’t read key parts (or any parts), or are currently uninsured and looking forward to the free ride.

      ensure companies like bp get minimally regulated access to our shorelines. yeah. right. it took our president almost 30 days to respond to the crisis. although he stated he would take charge, bp alone stands at command on our shores and in our gulf, driving all activity, and denying timely press coverage. bp is not responding to any criticisms by ANY party who are encouraging the use of respirator protection (a regulation under OSHA, but .. bp doesn’t respond to osha). our president and his administration do not reference bp at all unless it is to imply the republicans are somehow responsible (knowing full well his democrats are really too dedicated to the party – and too riled up against the “republicans” to engage in independent research .. and secretly hopes they remain uneducated … at least until after the 2010 polls.) interestingly, there is a growing surge of democrats leaving obama behind because of his policies, practices and foreign relations ideas).
      it is obama appointees to the bureau of land management who are collaborating with the obama appointment to the bureau of land management who are currently colluding with bp companies who are leasing public lands (for cheap, cheap, cheap) and authorizing the destruction of thousands of wild horses (who have been protected for over a hundred years) to develop the ruby pipeline. who will benefit from this? bp. members of our existing, and previous, governments who have been invested in big oil. oh. and obama, who has the support of the “white elite” investors.

      obama promised that nafta and other agreements would be nullified as soon as he took office, knowing full well the outsourcing of our jobs to third world countries predicated the economic collapse of this country. he’s not doing it. he doesn’t plan to. instead, he is continuing efforts through broad immigration reform to dissolve the borders and to create a north american union. good idea? no. the job market in europe hasn’t benefited from this strategy .. it won’t work here.

      obama will stand in claim that he inherited big problems. it’s true. he did. just as every administration has for well over 50 years. it’s not news. but … obama has the distinction of having created trillions of dollars of revenue (which is debt) within 6 months of taking office under various programs. these monies, which obama had assured were for other reasons, disappeared into the black hole of the reserve. he did not build in parameters for controls, auditing or accountability. having failed to do so was not an oversight … it was deliberated in order to redirect funds to other projects .. unseen by american eyes.

      i think it’s great that you love obama. i did too. but at least i’ve taken the time to discover why it is that he betrayed my trust and my hope.

      i’m neither democrat nor republican. i despise both parties .. and have little respect for those who require a party anchor to give themselves of an impression of credibility. an anchor is an anchor … and will prohibit those who rely on them from seeking to rise above the stench of lies and terror.

      the type of response that suggested “this is the republican agenda” is thoughtless. if amusement was intended, it was lost. it is a frightful suggestion there is yet another out there who is stuck in fear, and lacks sufficient self-confidence, self-respect and self-value to have developed his/her own thoughtful, educated opinion .. .without having to rely on referring people to books or videos to supply an innocuous answer.

      this could be a great conversation if people would simply be willing to be open and honest. maybe that’s just a little too threatening for someone who doesn’t yet know what to think, or what having a conviction is really about.

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