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Some may not have the open mind to actually listen to what she’s saying, but I ask you to listen to what she’s saying.

When a gentleman asked me what I thought about this issues with the USDA State Director of Rural Development, Shirley Sherrod’s comments about the White Farmer, and showed me the video clip, I said she should have been fired. He’s one of the few Republicans who understands where I’m coming from when I speak about issues of race. He has mentioned some of them to me in regarding his political party, not to have a ‘gotcha’, but to sincerely understand race and racism.

When he told me the source of the video clip, I was suspicious. So I searched for the entire video to see if it has been placed out of context. Once I found the video I listened to what she had to say.

When the White Farmer came to her defense I knew something was up, because how often does a White man from a rural area come to the defense of a Black woman on an issue of race in public?

So when I listened to what she had to say, I learned that her words was placed out of context. Listen to what she’s saying in full. She actually addresses the bias she held when this occurred back in 1986.

I would suggest listening from the beginning to end to get the full context.

FULL VIDEO: Pay more attention around 11 minutes and listen.

Now this controversy occurred because of ignorance and under-education on the subjects that evolves around race in America. It also happens because someone has a motive or vendetta, often personal if not political in nature. This case was no different.

When my friend who is a White Male Republican watched the full video, he had to admit that he jumped to conclusions and wanted to believe what the ‘news’ source was telling him. When we see how ‘fair and balance’ the news is in comparison to facts, this is what happens.

It is essentially people who believe the false perceptions of power they feel are entitled to them. It’s not really about race in the end, but the perception of power and access.

So when I have someone get upset with me, I listen to learn what and how they think. You can agree or disagree with me if you like, but tell me what you think?

The silence of the critics can be overwhelming. Any other issue that involves race & politics they’re all over me, but suddenly all we hear is…

10 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Think

  1. This is a prime example of quick the news cycle is….and how the news media DOES make mistakes. I watched Shirley during a live interview on CNN this morning. In the interview they actually discussed her experiences growing and how her father was killed by white racist men. So I can totally understand how, at one point in her life, that she had those racist views. However, I think that her realization that past experiences are no excuse for racism or intolerance speaks volumes and everyone should take note. I’m actually glad that this happened. I think it says a lot about a lot. Kudos to the white man and woman coming to her defense. I definitely think this was a contrived effort by “the conservative” to defame her. Lawsuit in order?

  2. When people listen to the full speech, you learn that a person who is racist would not speak positively ever of anyone who isn’t their race. She speaks in positive terms of her experiences regarding race after she completes the 1986 White Farmer story. This was the story that changed her opinion, but those who only listened to what certain media outlets cut it in video to say, you get the reaction that you hear today.

    I’m waiting to hear from those people as well as others who listen. If you’re what you say you are, then you will have to admit the organizations who ran the edited clip had another agenda or vendetta.

    This is an example of exactly what I’ve been writing about for years now. When you fail to consider others, especially when it comes to race, you get those who are most uninformed with a mic, camera or computer trying to scare you or take your words out of context.

    Case and point.

    Now what is true has been clearly stated and verified by the White Farmer in the story and just by watching the video in its entirety to get full context.

    What will be interesting is to see who speaks up and who remains silent. We often here that it’s not about race. It’s never about race when it makes you call yourself or your own into question. When is it about race? When it benefits you in some way?

    If it’s not about race, then speak up on matters of race with consideration instead of remaining silent.

    When will the silent ever become credible?

    It is when those least affected by injustice, inequality or intolerance speak louder than those most affected by it becomes the norm in our society.

    At least two organization that believed the hype were honest enough to admit they were wrong.

    The other amazing thing is how quickly people, even organizations who know better, are quick to believe the accusations from those with no credibility on the issue of race. The conservative media is not the only ones eating crow, but the White House and the NAACP are sitting at the table as well. Someone pass the bread.

    White House apologizes to former USDA official accused of racism

    NAACP ‘snookered’ over video of former USDA employee

  4. O’Rielly “apologized” to her saying he did not do his homework by taking that part of the speech out of context, BUT then played other parts of the speech where she said ‘Their own kind’ referring to the White Farmer and bringing them to a white lawyer,
    I can see on how any single sentence can be viewed as being inflammatory and possibly racist, But what The Anti-Progressives (I will not call them The “Right” because that is something they rarely are) will not do is listen to her WHOLE message.
    O’Rielly said she may have violated ethics in her role as a Public Servant, The “Hatriots” will not let this go.

    1. I’m shocked. Did his head explode afterward? I didn’t think he knew how to tell the truth. Well at least someone on the right had the decency to finally admit that they were wrong, but it will only happen again.

      The silence of those who typically support the far right is what I find most interesting, but not surprising. This is why I don’t take those who miss the point seriously.

      I’m glad to hear from you on here, but you generally are true to your word.

      1. Well Most of those who are on the hate side will only see his criticism of her after the ‘apology’ and will continue to attack her, the NAACP and anyone who is critical of their side, they think the only hate coming out is from the left

      2. The silent of the noise makers is the reason why I continue doing what I do. I can’t take their criticisms of me seriously because when they have the opportunity to speak with consideration they are silent or absent.

        Just wait until a post comes out they they can disagree with and you learn their intentions. It’s not about common ground or consideration with them, but disagreement and discord. I have to be wrong for them to be right.

        Listen to the silence for proof of this point. It’s happen many times.

  5. First, here’s some quotes from a long-winded, Teabagger type in another thread named abbie (something) defending FOX News like a good little dittohead:

    “the thing is, rupert murdoch has admitted he uses fox news to help “form” public opinion. his reports are intended to challenge the status quo, mimicking his own personal choice in how to live life to the fullest.

    it’s interesting fox news is reporting on the stuff no one else will. the majority of mainstream media either deliberately ignores or downplays what may be considered politically newsworthy to the general american population (focusing instead on mel gibson’s personal life challenges), until viewers start complaining enough that the mainstream has amble time to prepare a spin. of course, many of these viewers sit complacently in front of the tv, nodding to sleep. business as usual.

    meanwhile, fox deliberately plays to the “other side” … tantalizing viewers, giving ammunition to pundits and broadcasters, and essentially creating a maelstrom of disagreement.

    we have had more news of the gulf through fox; the other stations (it has been suggested bp has part ownership in this news conglomeration) tending to offer only what bp is releasing.

    Of course, I stated the following:

    “Nothing from FOX News is acceptable as evidence so I won’t comment on those segments except to state that FOX and anyone involved with Rupert Murdoch are traitors. They are liars and that is a proven fact.

    URL to thread:

    Then Ms. Sherrod was fired.

    Now, who was right?
    Just ask The White House and the NAACP.

    Just like anyone who watches and believes ANYTHING FOX News offers, they are now idiots too.
    It doesn’t ever surprise me that Republican Teabagger types would listen to FOX. I don’t call them morons to be mean, I call them morons because they are factually morons.
    What is absolutely maddening is when people on our side, especially Democratic elected politicians and activists like the NAACP show their unbridled ignorance and watch FOX and actually think it’s news. That is what’s sad.

    FOX News is nothing but lies and now there can be no question about it. This is some of the best evidence against them we’ve ever had.
    Of course, the terminally stupid will continue to insist that FOX is right because that’s what they want to believe. Fine, idiots are best ignored anyway.

    I knew you would have the instincts to question any info coming from a FOXbot, Tim. Glad you did. Wanna be President or head of the NAACP? 🙂
    Clearly you’re smarter than both.

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    1. Silence
      I’m sure you’ve noticed how certain frequent commenters are no where to be found. Especially on a story about race. I was sure they would be all over this one. Prime opportunity for them to chime. I purposely leaving this one up longer so they have the excuse of they didn’t see it. I just find it interesting. Watch when they respond and what they respond to and you’ll see they’re not about any conversation, but conflict. That’s why I don’t take them seriously. Their silence prove what they’re about.

      Force Factor
      I never heard of him or it. But since you said it was spam I got rid of it.

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