Someone Told a Lie One Day

The American Dream has been translated into many languages. It rests its claims to be the beacon of hope, liberty and freedom, but that’s not completely true in terms of reality. The opposition to change for some is simply a demonstration of who they are; a group of individuals who has yet to realize the entirety of what is the American dream.

Someone told a lie one day. It was directed towards you and me. It was a lie that leads you to believe that you could be anything you set your mind to, because you were not like me. Don’t misunderstand that statement, because when referring to me that could be referring to you or me depending on how you read it.

Although this isn’t about politics or any individual politician, allow me to use a reference that has political implications to it. But don’t become entangled in the example more than its meaning.

Some were told that they could grow up and become the President of the United States if they put their mind to it. Unfortunately for generations those were just nice words used to encourage, not to be taken seriously or ever realized. This is true by those who believed it and those who thought they would never realize it. But someone told a lie one day.

When is it acceptable to associate yourself with someone or entity who stand silently on the sidelines without demonstration or sustained audible opposition to the injustice?

What will it take for some to understand their role in history or how they’ve been bound by it?

Why remain imprisoned with the mentality of hopelessness or captive to the thought of believing better days have past and the future is grim? Someone told a lie one day and you believed it.

The regressive ideology that has essentially taken hold of the modern day political scene has in fact rendered many apart of the problems instead of being part of the solution.

What have we become when we are silent when it calls on us to speak?

What is lost when we can accept losing our integrity in order to win an election?

Racism, Race Baiting, Fear Mongering, Xenophobia, Homophobia and other divisive and coded language is not new to politics or religion and no matter of sophisticated or subtle it is done why have we given it a place in our discourse?

No American political party can be exempt for these practices in any election to date. Any given Saturday or Sunday throughout the land we can find segregated sanctuaries. Whether unintentional or unconsciously practiced, it happens. We say how terrible it is, but what are we doing to make it any better?

When speaking of politics this comes into play whenever there’s a serious contender. Typically of another race, culture, gender, religion or class that dispels the socially or communally accepted misconceptions, inaccurate accusations and bigotry that has been psychologically accepted in American towards anyone who isn’t like them or the whole of their base support.

Why should we worry about anyone with a clandestine mentality who harbor hatred even when it is unconsciously or uninformed because they disagree with me?

Why concern myself about the silence of the sympathizers, apologists or the puppeteers of hate?

When you know who you are in addition to whose you are you see through the transparency of the character, opposition and reality of those who are committed to hate of any form.

So I will leave you with the question needs to be answered. That is essentially one that ask, how do you move the unmovable?

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Photo Credit: Normal Rockwell

Stand up, straighten your back out and speak out against the lie instead of lying prostrate before truth. Someone told a lie one day and you believed it. We all have the desire to be heard, but who listens anymore? When those who are least affected stand taller and speak with more passion than those most affected by the lies that are told, then we will have justice, then we will experience truth.

That’s it. I’m done. Thank You for reading. I appreciate your time and consideration.