A Black American by Smokey Robinson

I have tried to say much of this for awhile only to have individuals who only want to argue and disagree regardless of point to accuse me of what I already know that I am not. Many of these people are the same ones who are silent on issues of race. The example of Shirley Sherrod is just one example and my post that accompanied it as supporting evidence. (See the absence of the usual objectionable comments) This is the reason why I am not moved by the ignorance of some and continue to do what I’m doing, because they’re not about anything constructive and are not concerned with consideration other than that of their own opinion. You only have to watch.

The video below features the spoken word of someone many of us have listened to or at least have some measure of respect towards for his contribution to American Music. Listen to what he’s saying and don’t misappropriate it with any assumptions, but look into what he’s saying because he’s speaking to everyone. Not just a few.

Smokey RobinsonA Black American


2 thoughts on “A Black American by Smokey Robinson

  1. The Poem is about being a proud American, not really about color of ones skin. It also questions, when will one become an American as Black Americans we have been in this Country all of our lives longer than some Whites have, when do we become Americans? If I am half white and half black, I am consider by most to be an black American, but I am proud to be called Black American because I am an American, but I resent being called African American because that is not who I am I am an American who happened to be black. I get what Smokey Robinson was saying. But this poem was not meant for me it was meant for the Whites, or those of the black race who don’t know who they are it was meant to shed some light on who we are!

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