Losing My Religion

The purpose of the title is not an admission or revelation, but just a title designed to capture your attention to a subtext of the subject written. Those who have read other things I’ve written can rightfully assume that I try to use titles that has a deeper message embedded within it. This is why I choose them. Don’t be so captured by the title that you’re not free to receive its subject. Do not assume that I have literally forsaken my spiritual beliefs. It is only a title. I rather you consider the meaning of the message more than the title given. I understand not everyone will get exactly what I’m suggesting, but I still thank you for reading.

—- Losing My Religion. Alright, Here We Go —-

Why does what I believe matter to you?

Isn’t the relationship a far more important thing to concern myself with than to waste my time arguing with anyone whether there is a God or isn’t a God, whether Jesus is the savior of us all or a prophet?

It’s OK for you or me to curse, but I’m damned if I say in Jesus’ name.

Why should that change the way you treat me or I treat you?

If I am to be true to what I believe, then I can love you for who you are above what you are. If you are to be true to what you believe, then why spend eternity debating what I or you should do with our free-will?

Believe what you choose to believe. My faith is strong enough to love you even if you can’t love me the same. You can believe that what I believe is crazy. That’s fine, that’s what you believe. I will only be judged by what I believe and practice. I am not here to judge you. Relationships are built upon mutual respect of, for and towards each other. No two people agree absolutely on any one thing.

So I have no problems being friends with someone who is not a Christian, because as a Christian I must strive to be like Christ. Which includes the practice of love for one another. A value I’m sure you have practiced yourself. You may more in common with what I believe than we give each other credit for.

I openly acknowledge the role people who calls themselves Christians has played in the erosion of morality within the Church. Free-will allows that possibility, but that doesn’t mean it agrees with it.

What we get caught up in is ourselves. This is true regardless of what you have chosen to believe or not believe.

We spend more energy in opposing and hating than we do loving and accepting each other. We form our groups and uphold the “Us against Them” mentality.

We have to stop God damning each other for not being what we want them to believe or not being more like you. Mutual respect has virtually been at a lost in discussions regarding Faith, Religion and Spirituality or whatever you call it.

We try to persuade each other with our words, arguments and beliefs about what is true or untrue about what we believe, but never place much emphasis to what we are to what we believe. Never offering consideration to the relationship, just our own selfishness. I God damn you, then you God damn me, but neither realize that when we do this we are both damned.

If you or I are confident in our beliefs, then only the experiences of life will move you, not a person.

This doesn’t mean you can not be challenged in your faith, but do it with respect and with the intent of uplifting than tearing down. It doesn’t make you any less or more of a person.

The war has been fought and won, why are we still fighting? Put your weapons down and live your life.

I can accept you for who you are and what you believe, the question is why can’t you do the same towards me?

I have made my decision and I welcome you to join me in my journey as long as you’re willing to go, but if you want to go another way I can sincerely say in love that I wish you well. I’m going to keep walking this way.