Reject Mediocrity

Reject mediocrity.

Reject mediocrity because it rejects you.
Reject mediocrity because mediocrity can destroy you.

Reject mediocrity.
Because it and cynicism work the same.
Reject them both because they’ll drive you insane.

Reject the notions of people who speak
with coded language designed to for your spirit’s defeat.

Reject mediocrity because it’s not meant for you.
You have no reason to listen to it, it will not hear you.

Whatever you ask, mediocrity will not do.
Do not be moved by what it will use against you.

We spend so much time fighting each other for what amounts to nothing.
Listen to the voice that speaks within you.
Maybe those words will make you do what you’re supposed to do.

Reject mediocrity.
It doesn’t care a damn thing about you or what the hell you do.
Mediocrity will not change, so why don’t you.


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