Joe Scarborough to GOP: Speak out against Gingrich and ‘the voices of hate’

I’m pleasantly surprised that Joe Scarborough, a Republican, is in agreement with what I’ve been trying to warn Republicans since 2008. I’ve given up on them, but I applaud your efforts Joe. I’m sure they will essentially demonstrate some sort of cognitive dissonance, but I guess when you’re scared you’ll accept anything for comfort.

These are Republicans talking, not me.

2 thoughts on “Joe Scarborough to GOP: Speak out against Gingrich and ‘the voices of hate’

  1. Hi Tim!

    Hopefully, more examples like Joe Scarborough will begin to emerge within our Republican ranks, so we can stop alienating others instead of reaching them with a sense of mutual respect. Whoever said doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results…knew of what he spoke about. Unfortunately, for Michael Steele, he is caught between a rock and hard spot, so, essentially, he cannot bring about the change necessary without seemingly eroding the entrenched Republican base. I’ve all but conceded that we need to revamp our party platform or continue to be marginalized into obscurity.

    Have a great week, Tim!

    1. I’ve just got tired of even trying to warn about the cliff at the end of the road their on. What bothers me is not necessarily the difference of political ideology, but what that ideology has become to represent for the GOP. It is the exact opposite of what it was founded on. I still think the Moderate Republican is the only hope to save the GOP. Unfortunately they’re being pushed out too. It’s just a shame to see.

      Even as a Democrat I never really had a big problem with the Moderate Republican, like Charlie Crist, Chuck Hagel, Mel Martinez or Colin Powell. It’s the Karl Rove, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh types that has effectively destroyed the party and run everyone out that bothers me. They do not represent the fundamentals of the GOP when you have read the history of the party.

      BTW, I enjoy political history. It’s very interesting to learn how it collaborates with various cultural histories.

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