Democrats, We Have Work To Do

The reason why I am not persuaded by Conservative hostilities, lies and attacks, because they are often baseless or thinly laced with truth. I have observed this group of people with this mindset for awhile and have learned some amazing things from them, none that I would ever suggest.

Many will get upset with me for stating what is true or obvious. I’m only stating the facts without spewing hate in the process. More than the response some may offer, observe how they respond. You can not consider any validity within a hateful response, only learn from the motivations and triggers for the response. They will get even more upset with you, but that doesn’t change what is true.

President Obama and anyone who is like him present Republicans, Conservatives and the uninformed or diversely neglected a distinctive challenge many are unwilling to address with sincerity or truth.

Often we have wasted our time arguing with them without having an understand of what it is to be a Conservative/Republican today. They will offer you the original definition of a Republican back when the party started, but they have been dancing to the beat of a different rhythm for many decades now. In fact it was the artist formally known as the Democrats before both got a change of ‘strategy’. So you must understand the Republican of today if you intend on getting what is important accomplished.

Their problem with President Obama and anyone with similar characteristics of this President is that your existence is a challenge to what they have been taught to understand is true.

Most Conservatives do not see their behavior, language or perceptions as being wrong or offensive, because it aligns with tradition as they have been taught or understand them to be. Liberals see it as an intolerance of ambiguity and an inability to deal with multiple complex issues at once. You only have to observe their behavior, language and perceptions during highly debated issues such as healthcare reform, financial reform and immigration to name a few. Listen to what they say, watch what they do and learn. They’re showing you their playbook in bits.

For many of them the issues has to be straight cut, right or wrong, no gray areas. For many Conservatives who misunderstand and have misappropriated what it is to be liberal, find these things as nuances to them as Conservatives are to Liberals.

President Obama is not what many Conservatives say that he is, but understand how they think. Yes, some is due to race, even if they choose to deny it, but not all. I believe I’m understanding what President Obama is saying and doing by not casting all with the same net. Because the existence of someone like a President Obama is a psychological challenge to Conservatives. The challenge is how to contend with a multi-faceted thinker who can see things from multiple perspectives at the same time.

Many will seek to challenge you, but I ask them to challenge PolitiFact, challenge mathematics, challenge history or challenge reality if you don’t believe it, but that doesn’t mean you’re correct if you do.

Those of you who are Democrats, Progressives, Liberals or call yourself Independents; realize your advantage and keep moving forward. Some people are persuaded by perceptions, but let truth be what persuades you.

I’m not worried about the Republican Party and their adversarial friends. They’re actually proud of themselves. They feel united, but look at what has united them and this is why you can be encouraged, because regardless how much you tell them the problem and solution, they will not accept it. They need to hate you to be who they are.

Stop worrying about them. Let them do what they do. We have better things to do than be held back by inconsideration. Let them have tea at their grand ole party, we have work to do.

If you do not believe me, observe how they respond more than what they say in their response and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I can be open about it, because they will not catch what I’m saying, but I know you do. Just watch.


2 thoughts on “Democrats, We Have Work To Do

  1. You speak in glaring generalities. How about giving some specifics about what it is that Republicans do that is wrong or wrong headed?

    John Wilder

    1. Well you’ve come back. Interestingly you seem to have disappeared during the whole Shirley Sherrod episode.

      You’ve already proven who you are, so go on and enjoy your party or rally. I’ve wasted enough time trying to reason with the unreasonable. That’s why it is titled DEMOCRATS at the beginning.

      Until you and your friends can truthfully address what is obvious, I will have no further comments for you. It is past time for me to just stand back and allow time and history judge you accordingly.

      I wish you luck.

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