If You Don’t Like Them, Don’t Act Like Them

Character: Radio Raheem
Movie: Do The Right Thing
Year: 1989

If we are to demonstrate what it is to be a Democrat we can’t do what Republicans do, regardless of how fair it may be. It doesn’t matter how justified we may be in doing or saying whatever it maybe, how valuable is the message if it sounds like or resembles what they just said or did?

Doing what they may do or have done does not make us Democrats. It makes us Republicans. Don’t call yourself a Democrat if you choose to behave like a Republican.

Republicans, if you are going to be true to who you are, then stop trying to change the rules. If it is “The Party of Lincoln”, then demonstrate what it is to be a Lincoln Republican instead of a Goldwater, McCarthy or Reagan Republican. What you’re doing today contradicts what Lincoln did. But that begs the question, Would Lincoln be a Republican today?

That is essentially what you want right?

If so, why not just admit our allegiance to the Separate, but Equal philosophy and remain divided so hate can conquer us. Better yet, why not change the accronym from USA to DSA, because as we continue this nonsense we are essentially promoting the Disunited State of America.

We see how well that worked during Reconstruction era, Segregation & Jim Crow era and afterward. Why not just cut to the chase and be done with it.Who knows, while in the process of it all we may realize we’re not all that different in the first place. Imagine that.

We waste more times worrying about what others are doing more than we concentrate on what needs to be done.

We are ALL to blame, but it will take US ALL to fix what we broke. So shut up and lets do what needs to be done.

You can love me or hate me for what I have to say, but you can never say I’m not sincere in what I say. It may not always be what you want to hear, but sometimes it’s what we need to hear.

We can find something more trival to fight about another day when the outcome isn’t so urgent. It’s not the fault of one, but many. We either divide and be conqured or we stand together as one. The choice is yours.

Stop Dis-Uniting the state of America with all this back and forth and focus on the problem at-hand.