Look Ahead

I don’t know where this is coming from, but I just feel like I need to share it with someone specific. So this is primarily directing to those of you who are Liberal , Progressive and Democrats. This is not really a political message, but is directed to the political minded.

If anyone reads some of the things I write or written, you may notice that I am making more of an effort to stop focusing on the symptoms of the problem and began emphasizing, analyzing and exploring the reasons for the problem and how to truthfully address it with a solution or strategy in mind.

One example is politics. I have basically written the entire Republican Party off as a lost cause that no intervention by me or you can help. They will have to be exposed to themselves by themselves to see not what they think they are, but who they have become. I’m tired of talking about it and time for us to just do what we are supposed to do.

What you and I must do is hold ourselves to a higher standard and go beyond the intellectual, social and emotional stagnation of others into what we know should be done and how we should be treated and treat others.

We have no time to be overly concerned with the ignorance of others, but be concerned about the knowledge of self. When you know who you are the negative things others think about you holds little weight.

We can not be moved from doing what we know is true. They will not like what you do; many will have bad or explicit things to say to you, but do not be moved by the ignorance, hate and fear of those who object to progress. Keep moving forward. We can not worry about them.

Some may not get what I’m saying, but for those who will I’m telling those Republicans who are moderate to understand that you’re figuratively standing at the gate of the city of Canaan. It’s time for you to go before it is too late. Not all Republicans conform to whole of what we see represented today, but by not taking what is going on seriously and lingering in a party that is becoming increasingly more isolated, confused and driven to alienation as standard practice is only going to lead you to an unfavorable conclusion.

The last thing I want to say to you is to stop hating on each other. They see it and will use it as an entry point to carry out their agenda. They have the thought; your division provides the idea for them to plant a suggestion that is only designed to destroy what you’re trying to build. Build a coalition of openness to ideas. Consider what is true and trust it. It is going to take more than just one to move us beyond what and who is trying to hold us back. Keep moving forward and stop looking back. The time is now.