Where Are You Supposed To Be?

Quick Note: For those who may be confined by political ideology, understand that my brief use of politics is not meant to be political, but used as an easily understood example. Pay attention to the meaning of the message and think about what you’re saying or doing before you act.

Something that I’ve learned over time and experience in conversations with individuals who self identify with the far right of the Republican Party and its various affiliates is how they interpret, process and convey information. I did this because I wanted to understand why they do, say and think the things they do so I could better communicate with them in a way that passes through the obstructions they often place before others.

Within this subset of the Republican Party you find individuals who are very interesting. Often these individuals are the ones who members of the Democratic Party and Moderate Republicans question or ask challenge questions by their standards and perceptions which go unanswered and causes what I now believe is unnecessary hostility and resentment between both groups.

The reasons are simple. Why get upset with someone who isn’t guided by the same moral and/or ethic principles as you? It doesn’t make much sense, because you will always be upset. Don’t think what makes you right is what makes them wrong, just consider what is true and no one can dispute you.

Who’s really insane, you or the people you expect to change?

Do not allow what confines you to be what define you, because it will always limit your opportunities, possibilities and considerations. No matter how much you may try, you can not coexist peacefully with a mad man.

If the other thinks you are wrong, but can not provide any truth or proof to their accusations that is offered with sincere considerations, then don’t waste your time getting upset with them. You can always tell who you’re really dealing with when you ask questions that speaks to their conscious.

The conscious seems to be the ear that listens and hears sincerity, then responses with passion. You have to understand the passion of the response, because sometimes it is in form of protecting the heart from information it can not rightfully process at that time. So it tries to dispute or argue against the challenge until it can process it in a way the heart and mind can understand and consider it.

Stop wasting your time arguing or seeking to disprove what they say, because if it isn’t true then they can not support it with truth or consideration.

There are people who have known me for years who are now asking me, “What has gotten into me?” This question used to bother me, but I understand why they’re asking me this question now. They are use to someone who would not ask the questions that I do today, because I was more comfortable with the status quo. I took my perceived place and didn’t venture far from it. I’ve became dissatisfied with going along to get along. Someone has to have the confidence to rightfully address the problems you and I may have.

There are people who do not know me well and read something that I’ve written and either applies their bias to it in their conclusions without consideration for its intentions or half reads it and recognizes themselves in someway in what is being said and response in a passionate manner.

I’ve learned to listen to what they’re really trying to say more than what they’re saying. And I will end with this offer to you. Don’t worry about those who may not immediately understand you. Just make sure what you’re saying, thinking or doing aligns with what is true and/or considerate. It’s not always about being right so the other is wrong, but about doing what is right and understanding how, why, what and when the other is wrong.

When you are where you’re supposed to be, no one can rival you.” – Dr. Mike Murdock

Where are you supposed to be?


3 thoughts on “Where Are You Supposed To Be?

  1. Hello Tim!
    Another thought-provoking post Sir! Hope all is well with you and yours–best wishes to your oldest for a rewarding school year…and, hope you guys are happy with the lil’ miracle too, who must have already made your day with, “da, da, da” by now–smile.

    Change is constant my friend, and obviously nothing we can control. Said that to say this, though we met when Erinand I was were in a better place, please don’t think my new life without her will change the way I am in terms of right and wrong. l don’t see color when I see other humans, I still see an individual, entitled to respect and dignity. Not sure if you needed to hear that or not, but felt a need to convey it nevertheless.

    All my best, Tim. Back later to read more of your interesting material. Have a good day!

    1. Thank you Al.

      I used the example at the beginning knowing some will only see it and think I’m attacking them, but it can also be turned around if one only wants to look at it with a political eye.

      I think you see that I’m actually speaking in general on this one, because it applies to several areas of life beyond politics.

      I’ll do a strictly political post soon, just for fun. But I’ve actually tried to move towards using it as an example more than presenting the symptoms of a problem. But I’m sure you’ll see some who may miss the point. It’s fine, because I’m not really that worried about it.

      Anyway, thanks for reading.


  2. Encourage to hear that you’ll actually be creating a political post, Tim. Will certainly be back to take a read and weigh in with my thoughts. Meanwhile, have a great day sir!
    How are your Tennessee Titans this year?

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