What We Could Do Today

We act as if today is just another day. It is not just another day, but an opportunity. When you think about what could be and for some what is, you should be grateful for what you have. But yet we take today for granted in hopes that we may get another opportunity to change tomorrow.

If you consider the opportunity you have today you wouldn’t waste your time on hate. If you realized what is before you now there would be no hesitation to forgive. If you recognized the gift we are given of now perhaps more would be willing to accept one another for who they are beyond what they are.

When you think about what we can do today.

If we thought of today as if it was the first day of your life and possibly our last, what we could do today would change the world.

When you think about what we can do today you would stop what you were doing yesterday and start doing what you can do now so that it may last beyond tomorrow. Give now a chance to be present in your life and do something for yourself by opening yourself to others.

Open your eyes so that you can see who and what is before you. The people you meet started today just like you, but under different circumstances. Take the time to see beyond yourself so you can see them and develop an appreciation for their story, because it could be yours.

What you could do today is what may only be a dream for another or an insignificant thought for others, so consider what you could do today for someone. Giving sincere words freely only cost us a small portion of our time and will. Lending a compassionate ear to someone in need is sometimes all a person needs. What could you do today?

You never know the silent struggles a person may go through today, so be a blessing to those you meet. Challenge them to consider others so that maybe someone may consider you. It may be by words, gesture, touch or presence, but what ever means consider what you can do today.

I know times may be hard, but consider the alternatives and recognize that is what someone is faced with today. Let your words be reflected by your actions and thoughts. Consider others beyond your own understanding and accept people for who they are far more than what they are. Today is all you have, use it wisely.

Some may ask or wonder who am I to tell you what you can do. I understand your concern, but all I can say is that I’m just a man who is realizing what I have and what I have to offer. This is why I’m sharing this with you. It’s never too late to change but you should always be willing to do what you can do today.


2 thoughts on “What We Could Do Today

  1. Each of us spend too much time and energy on instances of hate, greed, selfishness, and anything else negative. Number of examples of this is countless … even so are the examples of good.

    Thanks for the motivation to visit a church member today in the hospital.

  2. Hi Tim!

    Couldn’t agree with Afrankangle more…another thought-provoking post, Tim, challenging us to renew our values, and examine what really is important in a life well lived. Have a great week Sir.

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