Wheat or Tares: What are you doing?

Just a quick thought, well question that I wanted to share.

Are the seeds you plant into others wheat or tares?

Many times we are more interested in the negative than we are the positive. We waste more time analyzing people than accepting them without consideration of ourselves in our analysis.

If you want to be loved, then love. If you want to be respected, then respect and be respectable. It’s alright to offer criticism, but only if it is given with love.

Take the time to consider what makes them smile by speaking to their heart with sincerity.

Stop sowing tares where you should be sowing wheat. Of course that is if your intentions are to experience a worthwhile harvest.

My intentions are not to be biblical, but just asking you in another way to consider others beyond yourself.


2 thoughts on “Wheat or Tares: What are you doing?

  1. Excellent question. Reminds me of the quote about if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything. (Probably Ben Franklin.) In the heat of the moment, though, it can be hard to remember.

  2. As I read this, there is a a report and interview about bullying in schools, which can also be tied to this post – then again, many of our behaviors can, which is your point because we control our own actions.

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