Let’s Call It Even

This is a special message for the members of the Tea Party and its Republican supporters or Conservative sympathizers in your concerns about the United States Government. I am not trying to patronize or even come against you. Just trying to seek a fair solution after considering your demands.


Despite our opposition, I want to take this opportunity to lend you this gesture of respect. We hear you. I understand that you oppose taxation and government spending on all social programs. OK, we hear you.


Now I know we have mutual mistrust towards each other, but we have a resolution and would like to help support your cause of no taxation and government spending on all social programs. So we propose to collect any and all Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Food Stamps, Disability, Unemployment, and Government Subsidy monies ANY and ALL of your members, supporters and sympathizers may have received in an attempt to reduce the national debt.


We understand that you can’t just be about protest and complaining and must be willing to practice governance by way of example. All money collected will be returned to the National Treasury without administrative, carrier or processing fees.


Please relinquish your contribution to the problem you oppose by being the first to give up the benefits you’ve received and have access to by the government in way of its social programs.


Please contact the United States Treasury Department, Internal Revenue Service or just contact the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs or even your local representative, senator, mayor, etc to make arrangements for you to forfeit your government benefits.


There’s really no reason for us to continue this fight. We hear you. Just give back the money and benefits the government you oppose has given. Now you must say that’s fair.




4 thoughts on “Let’s Call It Even

  1. As you know I’ve asked them to repeal everything … so I guess this is just as reasonable. Good luck finding anyone to admit to and act on the proposal.

  2. all republican government employees could significantly reduce the size of government by “downsizing” themselves and vacating their jobs?

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