Win America Loses

I’ve actually written enough for a book on the subject, but really have absolutely given up on the Republican Party and some of its members. I pray for its Moderates in hope they can somehow regain control and conscious of their party. I have spent a solid month trying to encourage, inspire and inform people to think and go beyond their understanding to consider others in regards to politics. I will continue to make posts and periodically a political one, but there are other things I enjoy writing about beyond politics. So I encourage everyone to vote. I for one will continue to write about the topic of consideration in various ways, but as for politics, I do not know what else to say. I know that time and history will hold people accountable for their actions. We’ve seen it during other times in recent history and believe we are seeing it documented now.

I’m sure some will have something to say on either side of the issue, I have a difficult time seeing how one can ignore the obvious. But it happens everyday. So what’s new.


2 thoughts on “Win America Loses

  1. I saw the Olbermann video earlier today. Although I take him with a grain of salt, it was still interesting b/c I simply don’t trust the Tea Party people … plus they don’t represent my ideals. Their future will be interesting to watch. I look forward to your other topics!

    1. I actually stopped watching any political shows for awhile, but like him. Obviously I’m not a Republican, but have enough respect for them to not want to see them go out like this. The Tea Party is destroying the GOP and has diminish their image. When I can agree with Karl Rove on a political issue something is wrong.

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