Post Racial or Post Racist? (NC Racial Justice Act)

I have had many conversations with individuals who say they’re not racist whenever I write about the various issues that surround race. Often they say it as an attempt to deflect any responsibility or accountability. I’m OK if you’re OK, can’t we all get along type of ideology.

I write about the things I do with the passion I strive to put forth, because I want people understand that they have the ability to right the wrong and do better.

So this will begin a series of posts that I will ask periodically regarding race.

I want to ask those who believe that we’re in a post-racial society, not for there reasons why they believe that, because there is enough evidence to prove that notion is not realized. But why is it that so many people who are accused and convicted of crimes and later, usually after many years, discovered that they were innocent happens to be overwhelmingly Black men?

One thought on “Post Racial or Post Racist? (NC Racial Justice Act)

  1. You may be waiting a long time for responses from those you want to hear them from.

    There are individuals that are post-racist/post-racial, but our society clearly hasn’t gotten there yet.

    We can claim we are all we want, statistic tell a different story. Just like your question about clearing convicted men, we see the differences in school funding, in studies done about hiring practices based on names, even in who cabbies will stop and pick up and who they won’t.

    We still have a long way to go before we become the society we would like to thin we are.

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