Trivial Things

What Trivial Things Do You Dislike?

These are things, people, places or situations that are trivial to most, but just get on your last nerve. Also, just to let you know that I’m not always serious. I can write about things that aren’t social issue and is just designed to make you smile or even better cry laughing at its absurdity. So here is a list of my trivial things. I know it’s crazy, but that’s why it’s trivial.

  • Cats – I just don’t trust them. They’re up to something and you should keep your eye on them. They’re worst than Big Brother. I think Big Brother may be a Cat 🙂

  • Barbie Dolls – I already know I’m going to get flack off of this one, but I’ve always thought Barbie was a bad example for little girls. She can’t keep a steady job, but always have the latest fashion. I think she’s selling something. Maybe that’s why Ken hasn’t married her by now.

I don’t know if it’s low self-esteem or what, because why does  she puts up with Ken’s non-working… by   supporting a man who doesn’t try to work. I know the economy is bad, but when a White Man Doll can’t find a job in both Republican & Democratic administrations, something is wrong.  🙂

Can’t Barbie hook you up with one of her jobs? How are you and Barbie maintaining your lifestyle if neither one of you is working? I think both of y’all are on that stuff 🙂

  • Clutter – You do not need to be a compulsive cleaner, but just don’t have stuff sitting for day after day after day after week after month or longer without doing something about it.
  • Indecisiveness – Seriously, how long does it take to make a decision? I’m not talking about some legal document or life changing procedure. Simple stuff like what do you want to eat or which shoes to wear. Just make a decision.
  • Red Nail Polish on Unkept Feet – I don’t claim to have the best looking feet, but I’m not a woman either. And I don’t wear any nail polish. But to see a woman with feet that is jacked up with open toed shoes on and your feet look like Hell. Then you have the nerve to put red nail polish on. Ahw… Just put some socks on or cover up your feet.
  • Wimpy Dogs — You should just be a cat if you’re going to stand there and not bark, growl or something. If you see a cat, BARK! CHASE IT! GROWL! Do Something more than just stand there. You’re a dog for peace sakes, act like it.
  • Un-Sweet Tea – This may just be a southern thing, but why have tea if it isn’t sweet? I understand not making it taste like Tea flavored Kool-Aid, but you need something in it. It shouldn’t taste like liquid cardboard. Don’t bring me tea without some sugar. The tea should not be the same completion as me. 🙂 I want it just a little bit lighter. Put at least a little bit of sugar in it. Then do not refill it with more unsweeten tea.
  • Inconsideration – Why does it matter so much if I’m not like you? If I can accept you for who you are without limiting myself to seeing you for what you are, then why can’t you do the same towards me?

If I have to believe what you believe, do what you do and say similar things that you say for us to be friends, then   we have nothing to offer each other, other than disagreement.

  • I’m Black and you’re Black, Oh so lets be friends.
  • I believe in God and you do to, Oh lets be friends.
  • I think Religion is crazy, oh you think religion is crazy, Oh lets be friends.
  • I’m a Democrat, you’re a Republican; too bad we can’t be friends.
  • I’m a Christian, you’re a Muslim; Oh too bad we can’t be friends.
  • I’m Pro-Choice, you’re Pro-Life; Oh WOW! Too bad we can’t be friends.

Think about how silly this is. Why do you need me to be like you?


We may fundamentally disagree on an issue, but does that mean that we can’t learn from each other for the reasons and journey that lead each of us to believe and do what we believe and do?

Why be so inconsiderate of others that you’re too afraid to embrace someone because subconsciously you fear of being proven wrong.

This last one is probably more of the reason why I do not waste any time with people who proves their inconsideration. They introduce themselves to you by their words and actions.

Perhaps that last one is a little more serious and more of who I am, but what is trivial about it is how we place so many conditions and limits on ourselves and how we speak, think and act towards one another when you think about how trivial it is.

Anyway, these are some of the trivial things that bothers me, share some of yours. I’m not always serious and for those who has taken the opportunity to see what I was really saying, you know that last one aligns with the general sentiment of many things I am serious about. But here’s a silly side that I would like to share. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Trivial Things

  1. Sweet Tea – What kind of mamby pamby would ruin this ancient delight with sugar?

    Barky dogs – Relax Fido … I’m just taking a walk!

    Eating with the wrong spoon. Ice cream requires a small spoon, but cereal the soup spoon.

    Backwards toilet paper. TP should always unroll off the front.

    My wife ordering the same menu item I was ready to order.

  2. Hi Tim!

    Thanks for sharing this side of your personality–enjoyed reading this post, and am trying to type while holding back laughter–hat tip Sir. Have a good week.

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