I’m Not Trying To Hear That

Perhaps I’m just different, because I really do try to see people for who they are more than what they are. So you may see why I get a little irritated with people who come to me repeatedly with questions with intentions that I can see a mile away that doesn’t consider who I am, but what I am, when they start asking me why I am a Christian. Many times I’m asked this without any consideration for the number of things I’ve said about the subject of religious or spirituality. 

What are you trying to prove?


Why does it matter so much to you what I believe, if what you believe doesn’t matter to me?


Frankly, I’m tired of it all. Yes, I get your point, Christians are not perfect. I’ve said that many times myself. But neither are you. I’ve criticized my fellow Christians for many of the things they do, but I do it not to score points, but to get them to recognize what they’re doing. But just because someone is wrong doesn’t mean that you are right.


Please tell me when I have come against anyone who is not a Christian in the context of their spirituality?


You can go through every word I’ve written online regarding this subject.


I don’t even judge you as other who are Christians may have judge you. I don’t even judge what you believe as you judge what I believe. That is because I sincerely try to demonstrate mutual respect and consideration for others.


Why is that so difficult for people to incorporate?


Yes, I am a Christian and I am glad about that. Does that mean I always get it right, No. But I’m not one who will God damn you for not being what I am. So I expect the same courtesy from others not to condemn me for not believing what they believe. I’m likely someone who would defend you if someone was trying to damn you in the name of Jesus or anyone else or no one at all.


I’ve been very appreciative of the opportunities I’ve had to become friends with people of various spiritual beliefs and practices and those who claim none at all. Many I sincerely consider to be a true friend. I’ve defended some of them when either asked or witness they’re being attacked on grounds of their beliefs by someone who believes something different than them or what I may believe.


I can respect what you have chosen to practice spiritually speaking. Whether that is that there is the same thing as I believe or not. That’s your choice. Who am I to act as if I was God and run you down for what you believe? (Everyone please read this paragraph again)


What I am supposed to do is sincerely love you, not in a romantic way, but in a manner of friendship. It is who you are that is important to me more than what you are.


I absolutely agree with the argument that some Christians don’t practice that many who are not Christian make. But I extend that same argument to people of all beliefs, but since I am a Christian I can only speak for myself. The argument that boils down to respect and consideration for others.


I’ve been in churches and situations where everyone believes they are the only ones who are right with God, while they actively exclude other Christians by their language, behaviors and perceptions. I’m usually somewhat quiet around them, because I’m learning through observing them. I’ve listened to them on multiple occasions and although I strive not to be disrespectful towards them I disagree with the premise of their perceptions towards others. I’m not speaking about a single group of Christians, because I can go down a list of them who practice this. I try to give subtle hints in hopes they catch themselves before going too far.


Those who has asked me if I will ever become a minister, I’m not sure. The question would be, where I would be able to speak or teach?  When you consider the disunity, misinformation and cynicism of people within and without the church world, where would someone who would challenge that to go?


When everyone is condemning one another for something and few are considerate and demonstrate love for one another you have to listen with intensity to who is calling you. People say they’re called into the ministry all the time and you can’t tell who called them until you observe their pattern of sincerity of that calling.


You’ve got to be willing to accept people for who they are more than what they are, because ministry is a people business, it’s a business of problems and consideration. Some treat it as if we are in a competition for Christ. One wants to prove him one way and the other wants to prove him in another way and so on and so on.


No matter what you believe, the one thing you can take from me is that I do not mind a discussion about anything. I may not have the answers to all of your questions, but I believe the answer you may be looking for is not found in words, but in actions. I hope you can accept my answer as I demonstrate it to you.



One thought on “I’m Not Trying To Hear That

  1. Christianity is NOT easy to practice – actually darn difficult as our human nature seems to get in the way a lot. Nonetheless, some use this idea to increase their self-awareness, thus improve.

    Tim, you make a lot of good points here, but I have one question – what was the situation to pulled your chain for this post? – well, if you can share.

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