What I See

I sincerely see the beauty in people, even when they may not see it for themselves. When you see it for yourself you may find it fascinating. Then you begin to wonder why more people don’t take the time to see it.


When you finally sit still enough to see people for who they are more than what they are you may capture a glimpse of God in them. This means you begin to see the true spirit of the person.


It doesn’t matter if they believe in God as you do or not.


It doesn’t matter their race, nationality or ethnicity.


Their sexuality is not an issue or reason for exclusion.


Dare I say that it doesn’t even matter their political affiliation.


Their past doesn’t weigh heavy on how you seek to uplift them today or where your act of kindness, acceptance, forgiveness and consideration may carry them in the future. You simply acknowledge and accept them for who they are.


Now the challenge is getting others to open their mind enough to see it for themselves. If you can just get them to look pass themselves, they may be able to see you.


Then if or when they do, all of the other shallow things won’t matter. Maybe they’ll see, hear and realize me and others as their sister or brother, rather than just someone to confront, judge, question or mentally categorize as other.


I guess that’s what frustrates me the most; because once you see it for yourself you want everyone to look. Look not with some gesture proclaiming I’m right and you’re wrong, but as a moment of consideration of others beyond your own understanding.


If everyone could see the world from my point-of-view just once, this is the image I would want them to see.


4 thoughts on “What I See

  1. Well put, my friend. 🙂

    I can see it and willingly acknowledge it as long as I’m shown. Some people only show what they want us to see. If people aren’t open about who or what they are, we stand guiltless for failing to see.

    It’s still our job to try and look past the vale and see the goodness, if any, that may be otherwise overlooked.

    For instance, I despise Dick Cheney for the cockroach he really is. But even he loves his family, and has provided for their needs and luxury both very well.
    I don’t want to say that, because the guy is largely a piece of shit.
    But things are as they are.

    I can see the truth you speak of. And it’s impossible to deny that truth if you’re real about your convictions.
    God said that even the worst criminals still love their mom. It’s true.
    We don’t have to like it, but we have to see it or be blind.

    If none of the above makes any sense, that’s because I’m toasted. ;-]_~
    But it sure sounded cool when it came to mind.

    Good to see ya, Tim. Say hey to the Mrs. and the young’uns. 🙂

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