Consider Others

To make a difference in the world you must have courage, passion, faith, patience, discipline and love. Without these things you can’t succeed. One can change the world if one is willing to consider others.


Loving and considering others has little to do with liking them. There are individuals who I do not like what they do, say or practice, but I still believe they can change. Love is never giving up the possibility of being disappointed.


When you stop being disappointed in someone, you have lost hope for them and have settled for the aesthetic comfort of believing they can’t change for the better. You have to love them enough despite what they do and fail to realize that they do.


No one is worthless, regardless how little value they contribute. If you are to change the world you have to begin with changing the way you think, which in return will change the way you act and interact.


If you are to change the world you must consider that in the end you may never know whether you changed the world by the measure or gain you made in your works, but in how selflessly and sincerely you worked with others who were trying to achieve the same goal.


To make a difference in the world, the keep the faith or fight the good fight as some may say. You must understand that you can not change the world for yourself, but for others.


Consider Others.  Thank You.


Tim Valentine


3 thoughts on “Consider Others

  1. Hi Tim,

    I trust that you had a meaningful Thanksgiving surrounded by those you love and care about. Thanks for sharing yet another uplifting/inspiring post. It’s a timely message, especially in this “Me, me, me” society we presently live in. Have a good week.

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