The Choice is Yours

Quick Note: This one is long, but didn’t want to risk not allowing the entire thought to be read at once instead of in multiple parts. The subject matter of this article is bound to be challenging for some who may not have a clear understanding or desire for consideration of others. Consideration is a process that requires tolerance and acceptance. Not everyone is willing to embrace either.

My purpose is not to get you upset, aggravated or hostile towards anyone regarding these issues, but to simply have you to re-examine your positions to ensure there is no or little evidence of hypocrisy or contradiction.


These are subjects that I’ve written about on previous occasions with the hopes that it may encourage someone to think about the question that is really being asked rather than the one they perceive is being asked. Few people have taken the time to really examine their long held position on the issues that will be explored in this article for evidence of hypocrisy or contradiction. I sincerely hope someone chooses consideration in their conclusions regarding what is written.


Our society doesn’t allow a tidy way to write about consideration of life and death, especially when it comes to the issue and debate that has evolved around abortion and the death penalty. I do not anticipate that my attempt with be perfect, but my intentions are sincere.


It’s difficult for people who support one position to justify their support of the other without some measure of hypocrisy. There is always an exception to the rule. This is why I honestly wanting to see if I can utilize the exception to the rule to gather enough consideration of both sides of these issues to create a respectful dialogue and path to reconciliation and resolution.


How I see it, in order to accomplish this we must address the issues that precede both in addition to the damage that won’t go away no matter how much reconciliation follows it.


Whether you are for or against, the question that isn’t being addressed that I ask is, how do you deal with the relationships, emotions and paralysis of perceptions in the event of either; abortion or execution? The choice is yours, but how does one reach an acceptable decision?


Often we fail at least as much as we succeed in our efforts to get this right within ourselves. The reasons why we continue to have such contentiousness on the subject is found in how the subject has been presented, perceived and promoted to us. We are persuaded to feel that we must choose one without consideration of the other. This is where our problems begin.


We must face the reality that much of our societal culture is not taken by the notion of forgiveness or acceptance—it is more given to shunning or obliterating them into their various categories of shame.


This is true not only in regards of the consideration and consequences of abortion or the results of the death penalty, but in many of our relationships and circumstances of life. We rather seek acceptance or consensus from people, than accept those who are shunned for their decisions or circumstances by people.


We are often told what to think about an issue so that we do not have to think about the issue.


Many will bring up notorious figures of crime or history as justification for their position in difficult conversations that asks of them for their consideration. I understand the strategy, because it offers a way to deflect the question, responsibility, accountability and consideration for the matter at-hand.

Names such as Adolph Hitler, Ho Chi Minh, Kim Jong-il, Saddam Hussein, John Birch or even Nathan Bedford Forrest to name a few, although others could be named. Many people would say without question that these were some bad, if not simply evil minded people. So would the world be better if those individuals would have been aborted?


Given your position on abortion just think about it what could have been if these people were never born. How many innocent lives would have been saved?


Consider how one can support life for one and death for another?


So which one is it going to be; life or death?


I understand the concerns of both sides of these issues. Many simply have accepted the assumption that has been promoted that pro-choice equals pro-abortion. This is inconsiderate and misleading. We believe that anti-death penalty is suggesting people should not be held accountable for their actions. This too is an unfortunate conclusion and untrue.


How do you justify your position on one and not the other? We must address our hypocrisy on these issues.


We all agree that there are some very bad and deranged people out there. Imagine if these people who are placed in this category were aborted? The world would not have had to endure any of their acts. But to agree with that statement means you contradict your position on abortion.


Many will seek disagreement without consideration, but I must continue to ask you for your consideration so that you can be sincere in our disagreement and not just because we have been convinced to position ourselves with the arguments of the moral marketers of society regarding this issue.


To be Pro-Choice doesn’t mean you do not care about life or endorse abortion. It means you believe a decision must be made. To be Anti-Death Penalty doesn’t mean you believe people shouldn’t be held accountable for what their crimes. It means you believe a life is worth living and redemption benefits more than the one who is being redeemed, but the one who witness the change. How much good can one do when they know that they can?


We have some mind-blowing decisions to make in life. Not all of them will be easy to make. The life and death decisions we will make should not be used as a reason for us to be divided. Learn to accept people for who they are more than what they are.


The person who is contemplating abortion should not be shunned, but embraced. When do we stop damning, condemning and shaming people into submission?


You make an already difficult decision even more stressful when you make them feel they have no one to come to or feel that they are alone without support. This is the time consideration is needed the most. Make the decision to be there for them as a non-judgmental supporter of their well being, not your preferences.


I imagine not many of those who are staunchly in support of one or the other can lend their consideration with the same measure of staunchness to the idea of love, reconciliation and dare I say tolerance or consideration of others beyond their own preferences.


The person who is facing death should be considered with the same level of advocacy that the unborn child receives. Do you have the fortitude to do that?


As long as we continue to pick up our stones to cast at the woman or man who stands at the well of this decision, is as long as we will have no resolution, justice or peace regarding these issues of life and death.

An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. If they must die by way of the laws of the land in repayment of their crime, then at least allow them to make their peace with you and you with them. Peace by way of redemption. Don’t be so cold that you allow no room for forgiveness.


I’m sure some will have no concept of what I’m actually asking them to do, but for those who do I hope you understand that I am only asking for consideration for others beyond our own understanding.


I often will receive a response from people who ask how can I or someone forgive another for what they done to them or a loved one?


Perhaps that’s just the evidence of the illogic and what is unexplainable about love, because I understand the question. It is not easy and it takes time, but you must be willing if you are to overcome what can consume you when you don’t forgive. I admit that it is difficult and find it challenging myself. When I think about those who did not believe in my abilities, intellect or strength, because of what they’ve been taught, sold or lead to believe, I get irritated. But I am simply moved by those who have and do choose to forgive, because they’ve seen how redemptive it and love, forgiveness, support and consideration can be when it is sincere.


Some will offer reasons for why they can’t do something, but to those I only ask you to consider what you can do instead.


Either way, the choice is yours.

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  1. There’s so much going on in this post I don’t know where to start … but I say that as a positive!

    Unfortunately … today’s times/culture has a number of issue … but some (if not all) probably go way back in history … our way instead of tolerance; shame and anger instead of forgiveness; reaction instead of thinking; expecting more from others than yourself – thus hypocrisy; … and these themes can be tied to all issues – not just abortion and the death penalty. Well done Tim.

    Here’s an appropriate post for you and your readers:

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