Apples & Obama

The problem with many Republicans who will swear that they’re not what so many people calls them is an lack of understanding of what is going on within themselves in addition to the rest of the world when it comes to President Obama. But I extend this analysis to Democrats and Independents as well.

The state of affairs that the President is contending with is the workings of President Bush and six years of Republican rule in Congress. To help Republicans, Democrats and in between capture a greater understanding of what is happening I use a simple example for those who are familiar with the psychological term of a schema will find to be true in addition to other terms that can be used to describe what is going on as well. I’m emphasizing the people who are acting in a certain way that believe it is not because of their own implicit bias or unconscious discrimination.

I would begin by asking not just Republicans, although they are the biggest culprits of this reality show, but direct this to anyone. A simple question that I would not expecting an answer, but to make them aware of what they’re doing.

When you think back to the idea of an apple in… lets say 1975, what would you have thought of or named?

You may have thought or said Red Delicious, Gala or even a Granny Smith apple. All would be correct.

Now fast forward 35 years to 2010 and tell me what you think of when you see or hear the word apple today?

In 1975 the known concept of what an apple is was a Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith. Today the known concept of what an apple includes iPod, iPad, MacBook to name a few.

The point is that President Obama changed our concept of what a President (apple) is or can be. It’s not just a collection of one thing (fruit), but includes something that would have been unheard of years ago when thinking of an apple; a computer, mp3 player or cultural corporate icon.

For some people it is about race, even if they refuse to admit it or fully understand it. For others, it is the ill-response to their psychological adjustment of what a president (apple) is.

How do we deal with these individuals who are demonstrating their inability to adapt to the changing American racial, political and professional cultural environment?

My suggestion is that we do not watch them sit around ‘sipping tea’ and complaining about what many of us know is gestures toward positive change. I suggest we do what we did in 2008. Educate ourselves and stop allowing them to demonize and control the conversation with ignorant suggestions and poor ideas. We must adopt one of Apple’s previous marketing slogan; Think Different.

They want to see an apple, but we see a Mac.


4 thoughts on “Apples & Obama

  1. Surely you jest. You are completely blind because he is a black man and you can see no fault. I see all of his faults in spite of his race. He broke so many promises that I actually supported him on like transparency. Like broadcasting the negotiations for health care reform on C span. That went by the wayside. Every lawyer who is ethical will always insist that you read a document thorughhly and understand it completely before signing it. He and the democratic congress rushed it through from behind closed doors (no press allowed) and had congress sign it without reading it. This is legal malpractice and that is just a start. Try reading Michelle Malkin’s book entitled Culture of Corruption and then I will respond favorably to your idiotic post.

    John Wilder

    1. I honesty would expect you, specifically you John, to understand this psychological concept. But I’m not concerned either, although I simplified this one for the most closed mind may get the concept you prove that you see Obama and just fall in line with what’s comfortable to you. Honestly you do not phase me because I know what I’m talking about, but besides that this concept is supported by countless psychology & sociology professors who teach basic 101 psyche. You follow a schema and don’t realize it. But thanks for your visit.

    2. I forgot to add one thing. This applies to anyone regardless of race. It’s a schema, not a scheme. You reveal yourself each time of how much you simply fail to understand. I’m giving you the answer. Consider others beyond your own understanding.

    3. SMH. You think more highly of yourself than you should. You can’t see past yourself to see anyone else. You must be right at all times. This is not about race necessarily, but a new way of thinking. I can get into the race aspect of it, but your response to everything is that I’m wrong and you’re right. Even when I’m trying to teach you something.

      You have a standard of thinking that isn’t diverse enough to go any further than your comfort level. I bet I’m the only non-White, non-Conservative person you talk to. Why I say that? Because you generally comment whenever you see the word/name Obama or Democrat. You look for disagreement and that’s the pattern of many, not all, but a significant number of people on both sides of the aisle. If it’s not about something that you can disagree with you don’t respond. You’ve already proven it and you don’t realize it.

      You have a perception of all who are not like yourself in some way. To help you with that I mean more than just White or Conservative or even Christian. How many people do you really interact with who are not in your “like group”? When you go beyond your comfort zone you may learn that your reality isn’t the only reality, thus your truth is not the only truth.

      See that is not just your problem, but the problem of so many people from all walks of life. They’re so ready to be seen as right they can’t see when they’re wrong.

      Listen, there’s a whole different world out there that I’m actually trying to introduce more people like yourself who may not venture out into. Vice versa is those who may not venture out into interactions with persons like yourself. I can laugh at your comments many times not being mean, but I’ve seen the same pattern enough times that it’s funny now. I use to get upset and don’t mind the verbal jab here and there, but this (meaning the subject matter of the post) is an area that I know what I’m talking about and if you look closely enough I direct my subject at everyone or at least more than one group. I may use one as an example, but it is true for both.

      So you and others can get upset if you like, but it doesn’t change the truth of what this example is stating.

      Approximately a year or so ago I wrote an article titled “The President is Black”. It focused on how persons like yourself in addition to people who actually voted for the President now had to confront the psychological shift of thinking about a president. I focused more on the people who voted for him, because it was already assumed of the response of people mostly like yourself would respond. And many of them have not proven the statements in that article wrong.

      So get upset with me if you like, but just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that it isn’t true. Perhaps you’ll comment on other posts than ones you believe you can disagree with me on without consideration.

      Last thing. This is not necessarily directed to you, but anyone. I am not bothered by your objections. In fact I really do thank you for them, because over the years I have learned from them. Each time I get an opportunity to learn the pattern of the thought process of your group, depending on the subject of the post. So you just help me figure the mind of the White Ultra-Conservative Male even further on issues of race and politics with the occasional religious issue. I say it like that because every single time someone has gone off the deep end it has been a White Ultra-Conservative male and the subject has been one that included the name of President Obama in some way or politics and race. There is something very interesting that I honestly believe is unfair that targets many of you.

      So the accusations launched towards me really doesn’t bother me, but helps me understand who you are and how you think.

      There are a few White Conservative Males who comment that I know may disagree with the details of some things written surrounding politics, but they are not ultra-conservative because they can see what I’m getting at and have picked up on it. They have disagreed and there has been times I reconsidered my position for theirs. But you John… sigh… I’m not sure if you are willing to see beyond the surface.

      At least you are actually interacting with someone who isn’t a White Ultra-Conservative. So that’s a good thing.

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