Made in the USA Test

As many people go into shopping mode for the holidays I would like to ask those who say they love America to do one thing while they’re out shopping. I would like for you to look at the products you’re are buying or planned to purchase to see where it was made.


How much do you love America?


We can say we love someone or something, but actions speaks louder than words. Money speaks louder than actions. Patriotism is more than social perceptions some makes it to be.


So when you’re at the mall or local store ready to purchase that toy, shirt, tool, jewelry or electronic item you’re getting as a gift to someone… where was it made?


7 thoughts on “Made in the USA Test

  1. I’ll take the question to another level. How about cars, tires, hotels, coffee, cleaning products, frozen foods, electronics, and more …

    1. Good point Frank. My wife and I are in the market for new cars and this is the first time that my top 3 picks are American cars. As far as hotels, I would have to research those to know my choices.

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