What would your life be if you was never forgiven for the things you’ve done wrong?


Many people offer excuses for why they can’t forgive someone, but few people can think of a reason why they shouldn’t be forgiven.


This is why I repeatedly ask people even in anticipation of the criticisms to practice some consideration, because it could be you next time or after that.


Now if this means I lose friendships because I choose to give someone the benefit of the doubt or choose to show someone consideration or choose to not condemn either side, but try to show forgiveness then I will stand alone with the accused, the condemn and the damned, because someone has to have enough within them to consider others beyond themselves.


I’ve written many things on here and on my blog that spans the core issues I tend to discuss, forgiveness, consideration and tolerance. At some point you begin to see a pattern and can make some fair conclusions about a person. Perhaps what I’ve written isn’t clear enough. I can see how titles like “Forgiveness”, “Consider Others”, “Less Reaction, More Compassion” or even “The Disagreeables” and other posts can get confusing in coveying the concept of consideration.


The reality is that some people simply visit this blog to disagree and when they can’t find something they don’t like to disagree with me on they move on. It’s evident by the pattern of their comments. What they don’t like about you typically out weights what they like about you. But you can’t worry about these people.


Although I try to remix essentially the same message, CONSIDER OTHERS BEYOND YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING that falls on deaf ears and cold hearts for some when they disagree with you. They don’t think whether you’ve ever disagreed with them or even agreed, it’s about being mad or being perceived as right.  The evidence to support their accusations against you isn’t important then. It’s about telling you how wrong you are without ever considering the truth of the experiences of other. It’s all about them in that moment.


What I believe  is the answer or at least the path to answering the question of “What’s  ruining the world” is the unconscious socially implicit bias ideology of inconsideration of others in various degrees.


The guilty is found in EVERY religious practice or belief and unbelief, in EVERY political party, in EVERY race of people and even online. I’ve been wrong, many times but I try to make it known to the person who was right that I apologize for my mistake and now agree fully with their point or position. Many people simply refuse to challenge themselves to the point of considering how they may be wrong. The absolute nastiness I’ve got from some is amazing, because I try not to be equally as nasty in return, although I will let them know what I think of their comments. But few take the time to state their position and try to explain it better and do it with the consideration or comprehension of the other person’s position.


When it comes to the themes I generally talk about, meaning forgiveness, consideration and tolerance I tend to keep a very staunch position concerning them. I simply try to find it in my heart to consider the issue from the position of the ones involved. (consider other beyond your own understanding) I may not always agree with them, but I try to see them for who they are and not what they are.


So until someone has the willingness to love we will continue to receive hate. Until you can forgive you can’t be redeemed of what you seek forgiveness for. Until you can stop God damning people for not being just like you, you will continue to be damned. Consider their truth, their perspective.


I’m simply tired of trying to explain. Some people just rather hate than love. Some people rather criticize than consider. Some just want to see the splinter in someone else eye without addressing the plank in their own. Some rather hold a grudge than to forgive, but all want to be redeemed for the wrongs they do.


I do not know how else to explain this or get the message across. All I know is to keep challenging people and myself to think, consider and advocate. When I think about what my life could be if I was never forgiven for the things I’ve done wrong I run as fast as I can towards forgiveness, consideration and tolerance. I’m never look for or really accepted sympathy from others, just mutual respect, concern and some consideration.


3 thoughts on “Convicted

  1. Two tough challenges of forgiveness …. asking for it (thus admitting wrong on their part) … and granting it without solicitation. In other words reaching out with forgiveness w/o the other asking for it. Who said Christianity is easy b/c because it challenges our human nature.

  2. Truth with love. He that has an ear let him hear. Your efforts are not in vain. Keep on telling and speaking and writing and living this truth TIM. I am praying for your strength to be sustained. In Jesus’ name.

  3. Cheers, Tim!

    Another excellent read, and insightful gem Sir! No wonder why even the Christ himself put “forgiveness” into the words of “The Lord’s Prayer” when he taught his disciples how to pray. Have a great week!

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